Losing Myself in the Strawberry Labyrinth of Love!

I finished reading the Ichigo 100% manga series! Gosh, I’ve been reading it since first year college.It took me a long time to finish it actually, mainly because our pc’s not internet connected (oh, by the way, I read it online, not the actual printed material) and so I have to spend lots of money just reading it in my favorite internet café.I read it on http://readmanga.com but I found out that you can actually download it for free so I preferred the latter.What I did was, while I was doing academic stuffs researching in the net or updating my blog, I was also downloading it.Saves a lot of trouble, time and money. Hehehe.I could finish my required stuffs and I could read the manga at home.

I really like the story, maybe it so funny, Manaka ending up in a strawberry labyrinth of love. *laughs.

This is a summary of the manga series.Not really accurate, I’m just trying to recall some important events.And if you haven’t read the manga just yet and plan to read it, DON’T READ BEYOND THIS BECAUSE IT MIGHT SPOIL YOU. But if you want the other way around, read at your own risk.

Manaka Junpei, third year junior highschool student, bumped into a mysterious girl with strawberry panties.He didn’t know who the girl was, the only thing that’s left of her identity was an old math notebook.Unexpectedly, it belonged to Toujo Aya, a rather unnoticeable, classmate of Manaka, a girl with a braided hair and glasses, who enjoyed writing stories in her notebook.Manaka read her unfinished novel, and was moved by it.He wanted to become a movie director and told Toujo that he would make her novel alive on the movie screen.

On the other hand, Manaka’s friends, Ookusa and Koyami concluded that the girl with the strawberry panties might have been Nishino Tsukasa, the hottest and the prettiest girl in their school.Toujo suggested that he should confess to her, and Manaka did, by doing pull-ups in front of Tsukasa. Surprisingly, Nishino Tsukasa agreed to be her boyfriend.Junpei was very happy, besides, he saw that Nishino Tsukasa was wearing strawberry panties one time.

But it turned out the original strawberry panty girl was Toujo Aya, whom Junpei was sharing his dreams to become a film director.When Tsukasa was dating Junpei, Toujo changed her hairstyle and removed her glasses, making her beautiful and surprisingly, it even reminded Junpei more that she was the real strawberry panty girl.Nishino Tsukasa felt that Junpei was somehow into Toujo, so on the highschool entrance examinations she chose to study Oumi Academy while both Toujo and Junpei, driven by their movie dreams went to Izumizaka High.With Kitaoji Satsuki, Misuzu and Hiroshi Sotomura, and Rikiya Komiyama, they formed the Film Studies Club.Satsuki confessed her feelings for Junpei, and Junpei in turned became confused for the three of them, ending up in awkward situations and then breaking up with Tsukasa.

Later on, Hashimoto Chinami joined the club and Junpei was even more surrounded by beautiful girls that he really liked.

Another character Minamoto Yui, Junpei’s childhood friend, moved into Junpei’s household as she was attending Oumi Academy, the same school where Tsukasa was attending.Yui has this habit of ending up almost naked while sleeping and Junpei has to overcome this strange condition while living with her.

A certain guy named Amachi also blend in the crowd, and fell in love with Toujo Aya.They were both members of the Literature Club.

When Junpei was in second year highschool he worked part-time at the movie theater.Without knowing it, Tsukasa was also working part-time at a cake-shop nearby.

On their highschool field trip, Junpei’s class in Izumizaka High went to Kyoto and Nara, while Tsukasa’s class went to the same place.There, Tsukasa witnessed Junpei and Toujo on the brink of kissing each other.Later on, Junpei escaped from the hotel they were staying and went to Tsukasa to apologize to her and they were both reconciled.

On Valentine’s Day of the same year, he received chocolates from all the girls, and was surprised to find out that Tsukasa planned on studying abroad.

In preparation for college entrance exams, Junpei attended the same cram school as Aya, and met the beautiful Mukai Kozue, who has an intense fear of guys but whose head always filled with perverted thoughts.However, due to Junpei’s efforts, Mukai started to open up with him.Meanwhile, Amachi is trying to capture Toujo’s heart and this irritated Junpei.To further on, there were rumors that Tsukasa is getting married soon to the pastry chef Higure.But it was just only rumors, Tsukasa confirmed.

Around that time Tsukasa invited Junpei to go with her in a three-day trip.Junpei encouraged her to pursue her dream when she was on the verge of giving it up and this made Tsukasa loved Junpei ever more.

Lots of things happened when they were filming the last movie for that year, like Junpei being trapped in a women’s bath and Satsuki advancing on him.The main hero was Junpei, and the heroine was Toujo.In the memorable scene when the heroine confessed her love for the hero, Toujo did an ad lib to Junpei and it sounded so real.

The annual school festival was coming near.At that time Tsukasa invited Junpei to go on a date.There, Tsukasa confessed her feelings to Junpei, doing pull-ups like what Junpei did before.Junpei loved Tsukasa so they ended up together.Then Junpei found out that Toujo was dating somebody and this confused Junpei even more. Junpei noticed that Toujo was avoiding him, maybe because of her new boyfriend-rumor, but on Toujo’s part, she was only avoiding Manaka because she was not wearing bra that time (long story, actually) and she was still ashamed because she left her bra at the piles of movie equipments in the film club room.

Getting his emotions mixed up and confused of these events, Junpei became sad while he was walking Tsukasa home.Tsukasa consoled her, and Junpei confessed his love for her.

Going out again with Tsukasa, this bothered Junpei on how to tell everyone especially Satsuki.But he was able to eventually, and she was devastated (so to speak).He found it hard to tell Toujo, and postponed the idea for the meantime.The film club members were editing the movie that night, and Junpei stayed behind to finish the whole work.Tsukasa went there to bring snacks for hungry Junpei.When Junpei was out for something, she saw the part of the movie where the heroine Toujo confessed her love for the hero Junpei.They went home that night, and Tsukasa told Junpei that she loved him.Junpei answered the same.

The next day, Misuzu planned to rerun the whole movie at the school theater before the festival would start for the scriptwriter Toujo and the director Junpei.They were alone at the theater watching the movie they made and starred.Then out of the blue, Toujo asked Junpei if he was going out with someone at the festival.Junpei said yes, and he said that he was going out with Tsukasa. At that moment, the scene where the heroine Toujo confessing her love to the hero Junpei was rolling on the film screen.By the end of the movie, Toujo cried, and told Junpei that it’s because the movie was great (an excuse, hmmm), and then she ran away.

At the annual school festival, Junpei and Tsukasa planned to go on The Love Sanctuary.They bumped into Toujo and the guy that was rumored to be her boyfriend.But Junpei found out that the guy was Toujo’s older brother, and he was deeply relieved.Tsukasa noticed this, and told Junpei that she won’t watch the movie and then she left.Junpei went back to the film studies room, alone, hoping someone would ease the pain in his heart.He really wanted to see Toujo.

Meanwhile, Toujo was told by her brother to forget about Junpei, and she was sad that it was finally over because it was already their last year at high school.She wanted to see Junpei, and she left.

And the two met, though there was a huge glass wall separating them.And Toujo confessed her love for Junpei, and Junpei apologized to her.Toujo apologized too for blurting out her feelings, and ran away.Junpei was left alone again, (I think he was on the verge of tears), recalling that the first girl he fell in love with was actually Toujo, but it hurt him to recall Tsukasa’s painful expression.So he went to Tsukasa’s house and confessed that it was her that he truly loved, and he made sure that she knew it.

And everyone moved on.

The underclassman Misuzu continued to pursue the dreams of making movies of the film studies club.Mukai is now able to open up herself to guys.The rest were constantly thinking of the prospect university life, and were studying very hard.Toujo received an award for her published novel and was readily accepted in a prestigious university.A movie director told Junpei that his movie was nicely done and very passionate and this inspired Junpei even more.Tsukasa is planning to leave for France next spring to pursue her own dream.

And at the airport, Junpei bid Tsukasa goodbye.They decided to break up there mutually because of the separation due to the pursuit of their own dreams, and they promised that when they would see each other again, they would be together.

And graduation came.

After a year after that, they decided to have a reunion.

Satsuki is now working in their family establishment.Chinami is a famous bikini model under Hiroshi Sotomura productions.Misuzu is now a beautiful young woman who attended a university and she got herself a boyfriend.Toujo is a famous author.Everyone was surprised upon the arrival of Junpei, who had grown up a lot.He worked as a day laborer to earn money to travel places and film them.He had already received a movie award.

After meeting up with them, Junpei went to the park.He was holding up his camera at the foot of the stairs for a long time.Tsukasa has come back.She was up there, waiting for her.He ran towards her, and they started their relationship afresh.

*Sigh! Such a wonderful ending!

The manga series was written by Mizuki Kawashita.Great thanks to Free Manga, Akatsuki, Yamaitsuki, Ass-Troop, Anime Waves, for their efforts to come up with the manga release (I saw it in the copy of the manga I have).I’m so grateful to you guys, especially to the editors Dagashi, Bryan, ice-kun, Chrippa, Sses, pokute, darthlord, finalpro, hellcat, kawaiibaka, grave, youngmug, ravenheart, tragickingdom, motoko-chan, rinako, mizukage, smoo, shinaku, pridav, tree, azu, alphaultima, caffinated yug, krol

and the translators resoto, akarichan, oldskool33, gotenks-x, dsy22, freya, déjà vu, kakuri, cccnnn, nahus, aintguest, Antoine, boon, jasonshinji, jlester, jekyl03, telemaster, kann, jujubix, Will, PlzDontHurtMe, the mysterious ghost, OG, kamis, kuroneko,

and for those people who further check the translations nihonjintaylor, ikuzu, maxpower,

to the scannersnanashi, cgotten, HiRO-AU,

to the proofreaders and QCers (Quality checkers)kazh, katydid, astcd2, katy-pyo, origami, charp, amievil, nishio, elkhan, xx_blue, yuurei, waya475, JZ87, ed, ACQ, Yuna, Jaisbane, pnyxtr, the_mighty_highlord, starfisher, roots, davidov, _yeah, smafdi, darkgodloki, relentlessflame, waxmaker, animetrader0306,

to the raw providersnanashi, frozenshade, loserbait, and finally

to da mighty plum, ddr, strikeflo for the real-like page colors.

I am really thankful to you guys, I really love the manga, and you really did a nice job that’s why I want to thank you personally.It must have been hard, doing all this, and sometime the project got rebooted and all.You’re so cool!Made for the fans for the fans like me!

Visit the following sites for an experience of the strawberry labyrinth of love! akatsuki-manga@aniverse.com, http://www.deshou.net/akatsuki, #akatsuki-manga@irc.aniverse.com, http://yanime.com, #anime@irc.mircx.com, http://akatsukimanga.com, #akatsuki-manga@irc.mircx.com, akatsuki-manga@irc.irchighway.net, yanime@irc.irchighway.net, #dragonvoice@irc.mircx.com, http://dragonvoice.no-ip.com, dragonvoice@irchighway.net, http://souhaku.free.fr/dragonvoice/, http://animewaves.net, #animewaves@irc.rizon.net.

6 thoughts on “Losing Myself in the Strawberry Labyrinth of Love!

  1. cool! I have already read the GTO manga i agree, it’s totally hilarious! 🙂 i’m still planning to read Love Hina and Mahou Sensei Negima though i already watched the anime.

    thanks for recommending the site mangatraders.com. Love it, one of my favorite hotspots now. 🙂

  2. Hey…Ichigo 100% is one of my favourite mangas of all time.

    I just want to recommend you a few other mangas that might catch your attention. If you can take the ‘ecchi-ness’ of ichigo 100% then you will most certainly love:

    Love Hina
    Mahou Sensei Negima
    GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka)

    Happy Reading!

    PS: GTO is a really inspiring, moving and humorous manga which is enjoyed thoroughly. Of course all these can be downloaded for free. Try mangatraders.com

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