Ways to Pimp up your Summer!

It's Summertime!

Certainly, there are lots of written articles in newspapers, magazines, and even in self-help books that would help you out how to make your summer vacation unforgettable and memorable.This is not surprising though, summer is definitely a time to tone down your cerebral tendency to go insane with the stuffs you did at school.It’s a time to forget the GMO discussions, Cartesian planes, and critical essays for just a while and time to go wild in your new bikini top, go mountain biking in the sloppy hills or bask in the sun to get yourself tanned.

And here I am getting all confused on how to make my summer vacation better than the previous ones.Not to mention something new.

To put it simply,

  1. I want to enroll myself in a summer class – now, don’t get me wrong here.Even though I did tell you that its time to forget school stuffs, the ‘summer class’ I mention here is not at all academic or ‘too cerebral’.What I mean here is to enroll yourself in a summer course that is something vocational or technical, something that would hone your skills and eventually help you in the real world.Why not learn how to bake a cake? Or learn the new trends in hair styling and high fashion?How about grabbing the opportunities to fix a TV, a PC, or even a car?And it would be really cool too if you know how to do plumbing or install a residential house wirings.That’s interesting enough.

  1. I want to get myself a job.Of course you want to buy stuffs you’d been dreaming of but your parents just couldn’t understand the passion you have for those certain things.One possible way to get out of this nasty hole is to have a summer job.Most teenagers are into this thing, a way to buy their time, escape boredom, while earning extra cash to their pockets.With this you’ll learn how it feels like to work under pressure and well, look at the bright side of it, you would learn how it feels like to labor for your own money! Then you’d appreciate more your parents, and yourself.

  1. Simply, join an Officer’s Training.A way to slowly regain some confidence in leadership skills.But you know, you have to undergo pumpings, running around the field, push-ups, pull-ups and all those nerve-racking physical activities.But if you get through it, you’ll definitely earn yourself respect and confidence.And muscles too, if you’re really a hardcore.

  1. If you think that summer at all is not time to have fun, then you can review all your notes in the previous semesters or do an advance study.Fair point, it will help you next semester and boost up your brain cells.

Well, that’s all I could think about as of the moment.To tell you the truth, I’m only staying at home, resting.I was always pressured all through out this year that I really need a break.Summer is the perfect time to do it, if you’ve done well enough in your studies that you deserve the ideal price for it:enough sleep and watching anime shows.

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