I Get So Psych!

I love James Roday in the American comedy drama Psych. He plays the role of Shawn Spencer, a fake psychic who works for Santa Barbara Police Department (SPBD). I don’t really know why he’s faking it though, although I can tell you that he’s really convincing. The truth is, he has the makings of a great detective, and he has impressive observational skills and excellent deductive reasoning in a not-so-boring way. But why would he fake it, that I really don’t know.

I love detective stories a lot. Whether it’s a novel, it’s a TV show or an anime flick, it’s something that really interests me. I grew up reading the Hardy Boys stories, before I even read Sherlock Holmes’s cases. I loved anime shows like Detective Conan, Detective School Q and Ghost at School. But in the Psych TV show, it’s different. It’s so funny, the script is so witty. I used to watch CSI a long time ago, but it’s too serious for someone like me. Maybe, I can appreciate it better in the future. Sigh.

Shawn’s bestfriend Gus and Shawn’s father Henry were good comedy actors too.

I only watched Psych on weekends though, in their weekend rerun every 2:00 pm in Star World. But the primetime telecast is aired every Monday at 9:00 pm. So convenient, I just loved replays.

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