Back To School

Oh yes, semestral break is over and it’s time to be in school again. It’s the start of the second semester already, and everyone is on the run to get on with the school stuff. Enrollment was smooth this time, which came out as a surprise. Things do change overtime. 😉

My entire semestral break was spent mostly watching TV, specifically favorite TV shows like Honey and Clover (this one’s a replay already, but I like Yamada a lot, and Nomiya’s playfulness, Inuyasha (another rerun again, but still I can’t deny it still rocks), Early Edition (oh, I love the plot of the story, and the idea of modern day superhero!), School Rumble (it’s the season 2, and it gets funnier and funnier every single day!), and many many more! I also read quite a few books, and I’m still reading that famous Twilight book. I say it’s really amazing, I can’t wait to see the movie.

Now that I have to be away from home again during weekdays, then I wouldn’t have the chance to watch my favorite anime shows. I have to stay in the boarding house again, nothing much to do because there’s no TV at all, and all you have to do is bury yourself over prospect piles of readings again. I’ll be taking fiction and poetry classes, so it’s a very hyperactive writing experience this semester. But surely, this coming semester’s a very promising one – with lots of major subjects to take, and the same batch mates to discuss the old things with.


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