Reading Too Much

t_1013Probably you’ll agree with me if i say that reading too much may not always do something good for you. Me? Yes, i love reading a lot, i love books, i love magazines, i do reading when i’m in the bathroom, or lying in my bed, or snuggling in my couch – any place possible. That’s why my mother keeps on telling me to read literally ‘in the light’ because i keep on complaining that i have frequent headaches already. My friend, who happens to be a know-it-all, says that maybe i should get some Variable Dimension Frames From Zenni – those chic eyeglasses of which i browse in the internet, and i found out that Zenni Optical was on FOX news!

Well, i think my friend is right. The worst thing that may happen to me could be not seeing things clearly. Gosh, i’m too panicky already at this stage, but all the same i have to be ready for what’s going to happen in real time. I think one should take care of their eyes, it’s the easiest way to see things, and in cases it turns out for the worst, there is always, great eyeglasses for less to boot.


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