Personal Acceptance

After three weeks of self-deliberation and internal meditation, i finally come to this hearty acceptance: I lost my diary notebook for the first time.  It was tragic really (full of internal pathos) and I kept on thinking on the possibility that someone may find it and well, you get the whole idea.

I kept my daily diary journal entries as much as possible – it is where I write typical day to day experiences plus my end-of-the-day reflections.  Just typical.  Like how I find a certain thing really irritating, how much pressure I get from this subject or how happy I am when seeing my crush.  So when I finally accepted that my diary is lost, I sort of – felt like I lost a part of me that can’t be regenerated for a short while.

So that’s why I’m writing in a new steno notebook I just bought.  Oh, I love steno notebooks, it’s perfect for my diary entries.

I’m still not used to the back to school mechanisms (sort of) so I was having a hard time adjusting both my time and excruciatingly – my money.  I don’t even know how to organize things nowadays the way I critically organized it before.  But surely, all of us would undergo this certain thing about apprehension towards life.  The most important thing is that it’s a whole new experience, capable of making us learns lots and lots of life lessons.

And life goes on, really. 🙂


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