I just finished reading Stephenie Meyer’s book entitled Twilight, and I was so thrilled with the story. Even more exciting is the fact that the novel has an upcoming motion picture with the same title, starring Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen. You still remember Robert Pattinson? He’s Cedric Diggory in the Harry Potter movie series, and this is got to be his first major starred movie. Giggles.

The novel was already out since September 2005, but it was only until just in recent years that it finally caught my attention. Sigh. Probably because of the fact that I’m totally busy reading more classic novels (class requirements) and I was so happy that I was able to read this new book. The fact that the Harry Potter book series was over and is finally concluded, this hip new series is probably worth my time.

The story is mainly about Bella Swann who decides to live with his father in Forks – (her parents were divorced). So it’s a new environment – rainy and snowy town and meeting new classmates in her new school. Bella didn’t find it hard to fit in to the crowd, in fact, almost all guys are all eyes on her, but she is totally intrigued with Edward Cullen, an appealing but hostile senior student. Things get really complicated when she finds out that Edward was actually a vampire although his clan doesn’t really feeds on humans, and she is constantly involved with him. Even more exciting is the fact that she’s hopelessly in love with Edward, and the feeling was mutual too! But certainly there seems to be lots of life-threatening situations they have to face in this novel before the novel reaches its height.

The book has 24 chapters, excluding the preface and the epilogue. Most of the scenes in the book are closely concentrated between Bella and Edward and their witty conversations, although there are also side-bit chapters about the Cullen family, and other significant characters. The book is easy to read and very conversational, which makes it really enjoyable, although there are times in the story when the conversations get really ‘syrupy’ in a sense – but in general, I could say that teenage girls would enjoy this more than hardcore guys.

Now, now, what really interests me is the upcoming motion picture. If I have to imagine what I just read from the book – I think the movie is much much exciting because it seems as if the book was written to be adapted in a motion picture in the future. True, images in the novel are clear and vivid, and are better rendered in the screen. Well, that’s just my presumption, but along with the Twilight fans out there, I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

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