Flies, Fish Stuff, and Face Warps

As i was writing this entry, I’m in the bhaus, sitting across with Gecel who’s playing Bloxx again in my phone.  April’s complaining about the flies hovering around somewhere, I couldn’t blame her, you see, since we got a new plastic trash can as big as a water drum, people in the boarding house just carelessly throw things without verifying whether it’s going to rot or not.  Like throwing mango skins, fish-stuff-leftover, wet vegetables, rotten, I mean, it’s no surprise about the flies over there!  Since I’m in the cleaners list today, need I say i have to really fix this problem?

It’s already 8pm, we just finished eating our supper – that’s corned beef, which i actually cooked a moment ago.  Then since I’m one of the cleaners tonight (yeas, cleaning time is night time) I cleaned the whole kitchen area and the living room and it makes me feel so good to see the whole area clean.

We had fun messing around the Face Warp App, making funny faces, and the pictures are really hilarious!

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