November Wishlist and Jack Jack

I know I’m late in posting this, but let me post this anyway.
My list of Must-Buys

1. Monopoly board game – may it be Transformers, Shrek, Star Wars, Super Mario special edition sets or just the same old traditional game set, anything would do. Cost at least 250 php.

2. Stamp – any stamp will do. Plus the stamp pad. 🙂

3. Bourne complete DVD series – i love Matt Damon. And I love the movie too!

4. a handkerchief.

5. A portable DVD player
I’m saving money as much as possible, even though in real-time, it’s hard. Sigh. I also want to watch the Twilight movie.

Last night was good. I watched Leonardo de Caprio’s movie Catch Me If You Can. I like it very much – 4 buckets of popcorn! You know, the guy is so hot, and i really want to see his new movie, Body of Lies, although i prefer to watch Twilight as of the moment. Perhaps, i should buy a Body of Lies DVD tape in the future. I also want to watch the Brad Pitt movie, Burn After Reading, mainly because aside from the fact that Brad Pitt is there, George Clooney is also there! Ah! The batman days!
When it comes to action movies i prefer the Die Hard series of Bruce Willis. Those movies were intense. Cool visual effects. Well let’s see. I haven’t watch Quantum of Solace yet. Let’s see if Daniel Craig can change my mind.

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