Hello 2009!

New Year’s Day! And I welcome the coming of the year 2009, and at the same time, I’m totally thankful for what really happened last year – whether it’s terrible or delightful, still they constituted lots of memories worth recalling in moments when you feel sentimental.

I usually do a year-end special blog posts here, but this time I’d be brief. Lol. Let’s see if I can, though I can’t promise.

Year 2008 marks a year full of new challenges – in blogging, in school, and in my personal indulgences. Haha. I’m in my second year, second semester in the university when the year started, taking difficult and challenging subjects like biotech and major creative writing subjects. The year extended in my third year, second semester, where there seemed to be a lot of things to write for class requirements.

I also watched cool anime shows this year 2008 that definitely moved me, which included Bokura ga Ita, Honey and Clover Season II, La Corda D’Oro Primo Passo, School Rumble, Kekkaishi, Darker than Black, Emma season II and many many more!



After a major Christmas vacation in year 2007, class resumed again, and the class started with a discussion of a poem by William Wordsworth, “The World is Too Much With Us.” I wouldn’t forget this one because it’s one of my favorite poems, and we discussed it at the start of the school year 2008 in our British Literature II class. Lots of things happened in January 2008: I found out that Adrian actually came back [can’t specify much detail here], and more exams and reports to face after the academic hiatus. Le Chevalier D’Eon anime ended with a very weird resolution – if that was really a resolution of some sort. I remember taking a painstaking biotech exams and presenting my Starlink Controversy report in class. We also had badminton sessions in Downtown since the Atrium is being renovated – that’s why the Badminton PE class had to go Downtown to finally start the tournament. It was tiring and expensive to go there, but I learned to familiarize with some places here in the city, even though there were frequent close accidents in the streets and more nerve-racking experiences while riding public vehicles.

Then came the Love Month February, which is as usual, very difficult to deal with because I casually get emotional during this time of the year. The month started with the usual painstaking Pregistration period for next semester’s subjects. I also managed to gather all the remaining courage I had here to add AD in my friendster (lol).

The Sandman

The Sandman

There were frequent library sessions because of the looming workload for my major subjects. I also passed my biotech exam, and I realized that it was worth to stay up late at night to labor hard for it. We continued to read interesting poems and short stories in my literature classes, and start writing our own in our first creative class. I’m so happy because I was able to read the story “The Sandman” by ETA Hoffman in my Criticisms II class, and that is why I considered the story as one of my personal favorites. The course program had the usual art performance entitled “Sinews of Syllables” which is a night of poetry, dance, music, etc., and we also had our exhibit about our course program itself.

Lots of reflections happened in the month of March. Probably because the semester is close to ending and it’s time to really get on the move and get myself serious to finish the pile of workloads. This time I attended my first ever poetry workshop, along with my batchmates. So I began to reflect basically on any thing, and trying to see poetry in them: mothballs, noodles, tattoos, etc. We had a Feminism exhibit during this time, since it was Women’s Month. We also had our Jap class end-party – having completed the four Japanese



course subjects (that’s 12 units!) and we watched a Rurouni Kenshin OVA. I also wouldn’t forget that we watched Atonement in our British Lit II class, and I really like the movie (got teary-eyed at some point). Still, the semester’s pressures were squeezed during this time: I have to finish a critical paper about Wuthering Heights, a critical analysis of a creative work in my Criticisms II class and the do our end-of-the-term compilation of creative works in one of our major subjects.

So the second semester ended finally and we came to the month of April. Summer vacation – no more school stuff to finish and it’s time to curl up with a good book at any time of the day (also, this is the month where you usually speculate what would be your grades in the previous semester or whether you flunk difficult subjects). I managed to re-read Harry Potter 7 because I was all at rush to finish it the first time I read it, so during this time I managed to lavish slowly on the words, events, and the whole plot of the book, taking much into consideration particular details and little Chekov guns. During this month I updated my blog frequently with posts, anything I could think of. I watched a lot of anime reruns and I began addicted

Ichigo 100%

Ichigo 100%

to downloading manga rather than reading them online. I managed to download a complete version of Ichigo 100% manga in the net, and I’ve been meaning to download it ever since first year college. As summer means TV also, I finalized my anime TV schedules and watched my favorite anime shows. I also downloaded their theme songs. A particular anime that really got me going was Bokura Ga Ita, in which I stayed at night every day just to watch its 11pm timeslot. La Corda D’Oro ~Primo Passo~ was also aired during this month. Aside from watching TV, I read books. I began to sympathize with Alexey Alexandrovich Karenin in Leo Tolstoy’s novel, Anna Karenina. One of my favorite novels, and from this novel, I got the url of this blog, which is “Kyril Levin” – a combination of a character named Kyril (I love the name) and the named “Levin” from the novel character named Konstantin Levin. I love Russian names, hahaha!

May is my favorite month. Aside from the fact that it’s the time of the year where flowers bloom everywhere, I celebrated my 19th birthday during this time. So now, I’m nineteen. And some neighbors would say I looked like a grade school student. Sigh. Well, anyway, I still busied myself with my manga downloads: titles include Addicted to Curry, Midori no Hibi, Bokura Ga Ita, Prince of Tennis, Kare Kano, School Rumble, Emma, Karin and many more! I also witnessed the birth of our newly-born piglets, and got really pissed off with peeping toms. This is



also a chance to see my first nephew slowly growing up. As far as I could remember, there was a couple of denial of feelings during this time, but I got a hold of myself and later on the month, I was back on track (I’m talking of course, in emotional terms, if you get my drift). I fell in love with Train Heartnet (Black Cat), Solomon the Chevalier (Blood+), Sesshoumaru (Inuyasha), Yoshimori (Kekkaishi) and Harima Kenji (yes, School Rumble), that’s why it’s hard to part with the TV. Like any other, I was addicted to David Cook and David Archuleta and their face-off competition in American Idol. Later in the month, I went back to school to pay my student loan overdue accounts, and I was also surprisingly happy that I got good grades from last semester.

The month June is quite synonymous with “school” which is also the reason why that I had to part with my lax, usual anime schedules as I have to be back in the boarding house again for a fresh start – third year, first semester! S

Anton Chekov

o in the first semester of my third year I took Poetry 1 as a concentration course and I got an instant nosebleed! The class juggled in either Mondays or Saturdays. Haha, oh well, I just found out that wearing slippers in Poetry class was not really advisable, so beginning this semester, I began to wear rubber shoes in Poetry class. I also took a Literary Translation class, where we began to translate difficult poems of William Carlos Williams and Anton Chekov’s play “The Boor” into our mother tongue. And finally (and it made me happy) that I managed to squeeze myself in an NSTP class! The month’s memorable events included the start of the skyrocketing price of commercial rice, NFA rice hunting seasons, rainy days that irritated me, few corridor moments with my crush and a lot of Downtown escapades. I was also thankful that I managed to get a scholarship grant from the priests, so at least, I won’t be bother with a few of my financial accounts.

Then came the month of July, and I could say that during this month, I’m kind of well-adjusted with my academic routines. So I applied as a student assistant. But things got really complicated during this month: I had occasional emotional heartaches and I did a lot of crying over pointless emotions – it made me sleepy most of the time. Lucky I had my blog to be busied over with, lots of poetry homework to do and I also ventured out to read Hemingway in my free time.

And so life goes on and here we reach August 2008 – this is the time when Beijing Olympics happened. I realized that I really like Sousuke Sagara of Full Metal Panic.

Sousuke Sagara

Sousuke Sagara

This was also the time when I was really hoping that I had a laptop because we started to write in class already, and I began to fall in love with blogging. We did a report about plants in Biology class, started our graphic novel, and I watched Jerry MaGuire. The exciting thing about this month was that I began to shop in eBay, and I ordered first a 2009 planner.

By September 2008, I began to take notice of my staggering internet credits and so I limited myself with my pointless internet surfing. I got a new diary notebook (the last one ran out of pages) and school work started to get really nasty – er – difficult. Since the semestral break was fast-approaching, homeworks seemed pretty normal to us already. I remember I had to pass a research paper, had to do a performance art, come up with a collection of poetry, and do some rehearsals for our play in one of our major subjects. Then again, I did a collaborative translation with Maureen of the short story “A Wilderness of Sweets” by Gilda Cordero-Fernando in our literary translation class. The terrible event that happened during this month was the local bombing in our city terminal. It was horrible. But all the same, everyone had to move on, and mine included struggling against the PG era in our boarding house. It was cheery by the end of the month: I watched the anime premiere of xxxHolic in Animax, and the TV premiere of Bourne Ultimatum in HBO. I also bought a few items in eBay – I need gadgets.

By October I was in my cramming mode for the end-of-the-term projects. Even more terrible is the fact that half of our translation was wrecked up by a virus, so we had to re-translate half of it again. I was all panicky during this month because I lost my diary notebook (or probably misplaced it). Then again my ebay items ordered finally arrived and it made my day. I was also addicted with few

School Rumble

School Rumble

anime shows like Fumoffu, School Rumble and Death Note. Oh yeah, I remember I was really addicted in the Death Note manga, I fell in love with Yagami Raito (without the Kira in him).

On the other hand, I was so moved in the climactic scenes in the School Rumble manga. And Karasuma has amnesia? Is that some kind of deus ex machina? Lucky this all happened by the start of the semestral break, and I really enjoyed watching anime, and reading manga. Other than that, I find the male protagonist of the Early Edition cute. I dreamed that I kissed David Cook – swear! By the end of the month, it’s the enrollment for the second semester again, and I was really irritated that I had to do some admats (add matriculation – which took much of my time). Before the month ended, I bought a new phone. Weee!

So by November 2008, it’s school again – third year, second semester -> current! I took poetry II and fiction class. So here I began to do an extensive reading of fiction stories and all types of poetry – James Joyce’s The Dead, Wallace Stevens’ poems, and I also experience a very intense epiphany in David Benioff’s The Devil Comes to Orekhovo. I still couldn’t explained what I felt after reading the Death Note manga – the story has no redemption at all but I guessed it served its purpose. I also managed to read the hit Twilight book by Stephanie Meyer, since most of the people were gaga over it. I became a student volunteer in the ILC, and the class photocopy girl. My main blog was on hiatus, so I didn’t have so much to do – then I again I enjoyed book hunting in the library and chatting with friends during my leisure time.

By December 2008, we already prepared our Christmas decors. Since along with this month comes the Christmas vacation, we had the usual Christmas homeworks in all our major subjects, and now I’m pressured. I lost the “Virgins” copy by William Trevor – I don’t freakin’ know how and why, but lucky we managed to find a copy later. Even now, I haven’t yet finished the poems required for class, and I still got a long way to go in my short story. Amidst this dilemma, I

James Joyce

James Joyce

still have time to read books like Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov (it’s pure poetry!) and some collection of poetry and short story I borrowed from the library before the Christmas break. I did plan to read Finnegans Wake and Ulysses by James Joyce, but they are so complicated and it made me so confused all the time (a total contrast to the festive atmosphere) and so I stopped reading it. Probably I would resume reading it if I have the time (and the concentration) the books required. My sister finally arrived from Thailand and she gave me a new netbook – it’s so cool! I watched the Darker than Black and Emma season II premiere on Animax. We had so much fun in New Year’s Eve (the last day of the year 2008) – throwing firecrackers, making noises, dancing in the street and clanging the pots.

And so it’s a new year today, the year of the ox, and it would be a promising year for me. I still have to write my new year’s resolutions so that I won’t forget it, but that would be the next time around. Happy New Year everyone!

2 thoughts on “Hello 2009!

  1. The Dead revisited: (hint (Garett is Gretta, Gabriella is Gabriel) )

    Garett returned with four Tecates looking lost and distracted as usual, and as usual, the room’s distracted lost women looked to Garett – like flies sizing up flypaper. She longed to just grab him and yank him out of this place. She shut out the clamor of the club with memories of their life together: Lying in bed with her laptop on her knees reading his first email: he had written no words, just a single question mark. This guy thinks he’s Victor Hugo, she had laughed to herself and sent him back the exclamation mark he was hoping for; on the beach at Raratonga under a glove of palms, brushing sand from his browned shoulders, both laughing at the sight of that hermit crab running about in a Coca Cola can; out front of a bar in Pioneer town on a black and pungent desert night, watching a motorcycle gang romping it up, doing wheelies and guzzling from half-quart whiskey bottles and true to form he had called out to one of the bikers:

    —Does it go fast, buddy?

    But the man could not hear him over the roar of the motorcycles, which was a lucky thing, for they might of thought he was being impertinent.

    What he knew – what she knew, what no one else could ever know about them, these secret thoughts illumined her memory. She longed to remind him of those moments, their moments of brilliance and ecstasy. They were not done of course – there was more to come. But sometimes she felt with him that there where no more words, as if they had used them all up.

    She longed to be rid the stifling air of the club, she wanted to be in bed with him beside her. She shouted at him over the cacophonic ocean of noise:


    He did not hear her at once. She grabbed him by the arm and motioned with her head towards the door.

    A Victorian horse and carriage, complete with costumed driver and cozy plaid blankets waited invitingly outside the Four Quarts, but Gabby told the driver, sorry, ’cause after all we are living in the 21st Century, and together with Wendy and Burger Bob they hoped into a heliotrope colored, neon light festooned “disco-taxi”. Gabby took the front seat and for once was glad for loud music for Garett had an annoying compulsion for chitchatting with cab drivers.

    But the music wasn’t loud enough. Soon after leaving the club, Garett shouted from his backseat to the driver:

    —How tall is that Earl Boykins, anyway?

    —He’s five foot five, the driver shouted back.

    —Gees, how does he do it?

    Garett pointed out for Gabriella a bus stop shelter billboard: Rising from a socle of snow, four deadly-serious, half-naked, afro-american giants surrounded and dwarfed a fawn-eyed boy holding a basketball. Gabby waved to the fawn-eyed boy.

    —Good-night, little Earl, she said gaily.

    When the cab drew up before the hotel, outdrawing Burger Bob, she handed the driver a twenty and keep-the-change and he ought to offer earplugs if he couldn’t turn down his sound system.

    —That’s a good idea, Ma’am.

    —You’re welcome to it, said Gabby.

    Garett helped her out of the cab. He held her hand lightly as when they had danced at the reception. She had felt proud and happy then – and loved. This touch of his body, aroused her once again. She pressed his arm closely to her side. They were nearing their freedom, approaching the end of their escape tunnel – from the street she could see the bed light in their room; fleeing from all the Burger Bobs, and religious fanatics and other hypocrites and people in general without wisdom, courage or taste…so many genuinely unattractive people. As they stood at the hotel door, she rubbed his cheek with her nose.

    The lobby was dark. The bellman dozed on a chair and Wendy and Burger Bob tiptoed to the elevator waving silent, preoccupied good nights. Garett, who had come to life in the disco-taxi, zigzagged up the stairway in goose-steps, dribbling an imaginary basketball. She couldn’t resist tripping him up with her hand, and he fell to one knee, giving out a happy cry, waking up the bellman. They apologized profusely. In the hallway on the second floor, the door lock responded with reproaching flashes of red as Garett fed it the plastic keycard. A thumping noise and guttered gasps could be heard from within. They giggled like little children. The next lock they tried was more obliging.

    Their beds were turned down and there were chocolate mints on their pillows with a handwritten note from their room maid, Maria, who was delighted to continue serving them.

    —After Eights! What a kind soul Maria is, said Gabby happily.

    Garett turned on the TV which came to life tuned to the weather channel. Stylized snow crystals were falling on the central western plains.

    —We don’t need the media to tell us it’s snowing, dear. We can see that well enough just looking out the window. Extinguish that contraption, like a good boy.

    She put the do-not-disturb sign on the outside door knob and turned off the overhead lights.

    Garret unhooked his tie while looking at himself in a full length mirror. Gabriella threw off her jacket and crossed the room to the window where flakes of snow dashed and dissolved on the pane. She turned away with her back to the lights of the street and removed her blouse. Softly she called to him:


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