January – Monthly Goals, Wishlist and Resolutions?

Now I couldn’t even remember what’s my December wishlist like, but anyway, it’s almost halfway the month and I still haven’t written my list. But before starting things off, I’d like to thank Gecel for a new calendar planner she gave me for this year, I’ve been planning to buy it last month because it’s the easiest way to organize things. I really like it, and I do have a special interest in those stuff. It’s really cool that I’ve seen my other classmate using planner too, surely, that would make all our lives monitored even through the pressures in school.

I haven’t really thought about a new year’s resolution, a really serious to-be-followed one, not even at this point, though I did think about not eating junk foods for this year. But I realized that I’ve done it successfully in year 2006 and 2007, and I don’t want to go through the same painstaking resolution again (oh c’mon, I can’t stand Nova and Piattos, and all kinds of cheesy chips!). And I don’t want to chuck out the idea that I don’t want any new year’s resolutions again ever in my life as it seems to be in everyone’s mouths that it’s too overly dramatic in a sense. So what I just want to do for this year is to study real hard and avoid procrastination. The usual thing we promise every start of the semester, but hopefully, things like this are not really meant to be promised for the sake of it. Even if you don’t promise things for yourself every year, it takes a lot of determination and problems (like failing grades, wasted lives) to finally have a fresh start.

Sorry, for blurting my personal ideology, i do recognize it’s getting boring. Lol. This month calls for a lot of papers to write for school and a time to really manage my tight schedule, so that I won’t cram in the next few months (second semester hell week – final exams week and deadlines). Lots of poems to make and I have to jumpstart my fiction story and finish it eventually. Plus, technical papers and book reviews to write. And exams. So it’s a full blow this month.

Amidst that I still have the usual wishlist. For this month, I’d like to buy a new USB – my usb’s not functioning now and it really irks me because I need it at this very moment. I’d also like a hard disk drive for file storage, and new shoes and new sandals. Hopefully, I can buy envelopes to reorganize my readings – they are definitely all over the place and sometimes I can’t seem to find the stories that I ought to read for this day and that.

But things are cheery as of the moment, and I think I have to get on with the flow.


2 thoughts on “January – Monthly Goals, Wishlist and Resolutions?

  1. New years resolutions is not important and not effective hehehe..if you want to change, go on..but following the list of what you gonna change is not necessary..

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