My New Fashion Milieu

Hi! It’s been a while since I’ve been online. You see, I’ve been indulging myself  into new things lately (since it’s new year after all). So i have the liberty to change whatever the usual-me-as-it-goes drama, and here i am changing my lines of fashion.

First off, would be probably my bag. I have a very intense liking for back packs, which is the reason why I seldomly wear handbags (“almost never”). But this year, i resolve to be more feminine, (haha, surprise, surprise) and i’ve been browsing a lot of new styles of current fashion in the internet. And now, a total transformation surprise, I wear different handbags, and it came out as a surprise too, that when i look myself in the mirror, i can see a different me all through out.

Next would be the usual plain white t-shirts and jeans. I’m starting to wear a lot of blouses and shorts (most of them i wear back home). Haha, better start where things should be before venturing out for school.

As for the shoes, there are lots of websites all over the internet that offers hip styles and totally chic shoes! It was so amazing i feel like chucking out my  usual boring shoes that I’ve been wearing for the past years.   A cool site like ShopWiki offers guides in choosing among wide array of shoes whatever and wherever the fashion in you fits.  I especially like that  red killer style stiletto shoes – something to make my friends go gaga about.  Laughs. Now, I’m wearing more feminine shoes and high heels, although sneakers and comfortable flip-flops never cease to amaze me.


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