So What’s High School (Part 2)

Academics Phenomena

Study! Study!

Study! Study!

There is a certain kind of academic competition in high school that is definitely different in the academic competition that we usually have in college.In my opinion, most of these competitions I’m talking about are quite destructive, quite shattering for those people who are perfectionists and achievers.

I’ve experienced something like this in high school.I’m just an average student; sometimes I can roll the ball, sometimes I fail to hit it.But the thing is, you put so much premium on how good grades would affect your overall personality as a teenager, and you tend to believe that the possibility of this could make other people envy you, or you can have as many friends or suitors if you like.Competition is tight and quite intense at this moment – most teenagers wouldn’t want to let their guards down against their so-called ‘academic enemies’.I think that’s normal.Everybody goes through that, even if it’s only a brief moment of it.

When I was in high school, I admit that there’s nothing more important in my academic life than achieving high scores (or passing scores – applicable to math).I would gripe over low test scores in contrast with my other classmates, and this made me really terrible.I would study real hard at night, memorizing terms that never really etched in my brain the way they should be.Memorizations were just a momentary academic drift that’s purely cerebral, just for the sake of answering the teacher’s objective questions.Students would raise hands in class – academic battles include shouting, debating, confrontations and interruptions. I began to join clubs to get extra curricular points, not minding that a club can be a nurturing niche that would enrich your perspective in the same interests that holds the essence of the group.For me, clubs were only for the heck of it, and I won’t mind what would be the philosophical undertones – it’s just a matter of achievement and popularity in terms of academics.There is no such thing as personal and essential growth as a person in high school.You could realize that there exists something like that – even just a glint – when you get a little mature.And you are lucky if you get to mature early in highschool. When I reach college I begin to see things clearly.A little maturity and more experience do matter.

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