Frying Hotdogs on a Cold Tuesday Night and Thoughts Triggered From It

We’ve come to like hotdogs, the people in the boarding house. It’s because we’ve gotten used to weeks after weeks of canned goods and noodles. And now, everyone is anticipating the hotdogs. I’m currently cooking them. The hotdogs. Oh no, not the expensive ones, just the cheap, commercialized and mass produced hotdogs. We don’t have a choice. A lot of people around the planet must be hungry, so there’s no need to gripe at this moment. Thank God for the hotdogs.

It’s raining all of a sudden. It reminds me how cozy my bed is back at home. Lots of pillows and blankets.

I think I have a cold. I just got it. Right now. It’s kind of irritating, because I hate wiping my nose until it’s rubbed raw (overstatement, but let’s leave it at that). I’m becoming sleepy for these past few days. I don’t know but it’s got to be something about the monthly mood swings, the sleepless nights because of academic requirements or the cold weather.

A friend of mine got a son recently. I still couldn’t figure out how this happened (I’m not talking of course, of the literal scientific way). I’m just musing over the fact that that person has already grown up in a way. It’s so sad and bittersweet. At such a young age. But I guess people have their own way of undergoing experiences that they have to, eventually, and mine does not include premarital pregnancy or marriage, or having children at age 19. Nope. What’s in front of me is a prospect research proposal, movie reviews, essays to write, and etc. Typical student problems. They make me grow up little by little, and excruciatingly, yes, excruciatingly.

One thought on “Frying Hotdogs on a Cold Tuesday Night and Thoughts Triggered From It

  1. hey have you tried the newly opened hotdog kiosk near ust? they serve hotdog sandwich with a twist.
    instead of a regularly slitted bun they put a hole in a oversized white bread using a hot metal rod
    (havent seen a machine before) which gives its unique character, a perforated bun on one end toasted from the
    inside making it hot and supple on the outside. then they squeezed in different sauces (not relishes), ranging
    from remoulade, garlic, honey mustard, tropical fruits like mango, pineapple, tamarind as well as conventional
    sauces. once the sauces are in, they finally slide the hotdog, either deep fried or grilled
    ( it all meat i think, quality hotdog unlike the one’s available commercially) i enjoyed it, its new,
    its spill free. they deviced 3 way ordering system. its a belly busting experience for me. i ordered a ripper(deep fried
    hotdog with crinkly burst skin) combined with hot remoualde sauce, pineapple, garlic and honey mustard.
    its the best, i had a combination of hot, zesty, juicy and fruity hotdog sandwich. then washed it down with
    their brewed iced tea. sarapp. its located in a hard to find area near ust dapital, gelinos st 1st st after
    jollibee in front of a bus stn. the place is nice. the name is holly hotdogs.

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