Movie Marathon

I was delighted that all the PG peeps managed to watch the movie Slumdog Millionaire in the boarding house.

It’s been raining for weeks, and need I say that it’s a perfect time to watch a movie, while drinking coffee/milk and hugging your own pillow? Yes, last week we watch Slumdog Millionaire and we all agreed that Dev Patel was gorgeous. Two weeks before that we watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and we said the same thing. Last night, we watched the movie Revolutionary Road, and it was so good! I just love the movie and both Leonardo and Kate still have that chemistry we once witnessed in Titanic. I’m kinda curious about the book from where the movie was inspired, written by Richard Yates.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed for The Reader – I’ve heard it’s one hell of a movie. 🙂

Revolutionary Road

Revolutionary Road

I find Slumdog Millionaire excellent and for me, the movie was deserving to win the most-coveted Best Picture award in the 2009 Academy Awards, but I can’t deny that the Brad Pitt movie was more “emotionally searing” for me. Oh well, both have their own ways of entertaining people, and I love both Dev and Brad! Now, after last night, I prefer the Revolutionary Road than Slumdog, but I prefer Benjamin Button than Revolutionary Road. Laughs


I’ve been busy this semester so I haven’t watched as much movies as any moviegoer would peek. So, if I have time, I want to watch these movies:

  1. Burn After Reading

  2. The Departed

  3. The International

  4. The Reader

  5. Valkyrie

  6. Wanted

  7. Dark Knight

  8. Changeling

  9. The Wrestler


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