Target Weight!

I went to consult with a dietitian (for free, of course!) and I found out that I am underweight. No surprise here, since almost everyone in the family would goggle at me in disbelief that I am definitely going “too thin and lanky” these days. I was so pleased that I was able to consult with an expert and now I have my own little steps to wellness – that is, to gain weight.

While almost all people in this world would do anything to gain weight, here I am hoping to get fat. At the age of 19 , I still look like a high school student. I swear in a few months I would gain weight – how’s that for a goal?

So the dietitian advised me to sleep in the afternoons, drink milk, and eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Oh, okay I will, and hopefully my allowance wouldn’t run out. Anyway, I have the whole summer to get my target weight (which is 51 kls. – I weigh 40 kls, as of the moment). I’m keeping my fingers crossed on how this plan would come out. Go!


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