It’s Chillax

You could say I love to travel to various places – beaches, mountain, food trip, outreach programs, and the like. Summer is the perfect time to do all sorts of traveling because the things that preoccupy you in a typical day won’t drag you off back to your desk.

I love to travel because it gives me ideas on what to write for my short stories and poetry. Even in just a simple hometown bus rides, it strikes me, how much reality I can capture in there. How much more if it’s off to some beach or a fab place, away from the realities you witness everyday in your place? It would be a blast of ideas.

Whenever I feel drain of ideas, I go to some places to relax and chill. Churches, department stores, city parks, and hurly-burly city streets were just some of the places I go. It doesn’t have to be a grand vacation, just a normal typical day of strolling somewhere not near your house.

Whenever I travel, I always bring with me my sturdy but chic backpack, equipped with water and food. Something to be with you without messing your style. And it’s a must that you wear comfortable shoes that doesn’t take for granted the comfort your feet need. It should highlight the adjectives ‘durable’ and ‘affordable’. There is a lot of walking to do, and you must keep up. There are lots of stores out there that sell the appropriate type of get-up for traveling, eg, specialty stores like outdoor shops or beach themed outfits. But you can also find them much  online, if you know where to click the mouse. How about a chic and fashionable luggage, and not the conventional boring one? Or laptops bags that eases the weight of the gadget itself? Things you don’t see in outdoor shops can be available online.

To digress – and so, whenever I go out I always bring with me my netbook. And everything else are like images that dissipate into words (or is it the other way around?). For me, summer is the perfect time to close scrutinize my closet, to find out what to buy best for the next semester.


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