It’s Summertime!

Aside from the Christmas holidays, I like summer breaks, and these are the reasons why.

I can finally sleep for hours without feeling the stress. You don’t have to think about school that much because summer is made for you to rest. It’s also a time for you to venture out some things – enroll in a culinary program or a short course about computer programming, or just plain two month vacation off to some white shores or wild mountains. Nothing beats you having a wonderful time curling with your favorite books of your own choice and finally setting aside the academic theories, calculations, scientific terms or anything that is synonymous with ‘school’. I’d say, everyone deserves a break.

And mine includes watching some of the great movies I’ve missed over the months, and keeping up with my anime tv schedules.

And also household chores. LOL.

That’s me by the pool. It’s just one of those times when you need to refresh your day with a plunge into the water.


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