May Days

So what have I been doing these days?  Well, honestly, I spend an entire day sleeping, reading or teaching a kid to read.  I don’t have summer classes this year so this is a full-blast summer vacation.  Sometimes, I’m busy watching the CSI show – and now I wanted to be a forensic scientist.  Laughs.

Seriously, this summer is by far one of the most uncomfortable summer I have for the past years – mainly because I am so anxious for the next semester – I’m going to be a senior.  So it’s very thought-provoking.

I just turned 20 last May 08, and it adds a little bit of pressure on my part.  That means I have to be more responsible in anything that I’d venture in the future.  And extra careful.

So that’s it! I drop by once in a while.  And I hope I can review some of the books I’ve read over the summer soon.

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