And What About Junpei Manaka?

Junpei Manaka

Junpei Manaka

Nah, don’t believe that a guy like Manaka can attract so many girls.

But in Miyuki Kawashita’s Ichigo 100% manga, it is almost convincing that a dim-witted guy who doesn’t know much about choosing the girl he really likes and understanding his own emotions can get so many girls.  He couldn’t just decide the best among the girls around him! But the best thing about Manaka is that he is a cute when he is in that way, and probably that’s why girls love him.

And he is also a good film maker, I suppose.

He is also determined to pursue his dream to do movies in the future, and he successfully did in the end.  But he lived a colorful high school life if you ask me, losing himself in a strawberry labyrinth of love by finding out who was the mysterious girl who fell from the rooftop, wearing a strawberry-designed underwear.  That was the start of his quest to film such beautiful scenes.

Some of the girls that surrounds him are Toujo Aya, a shy, passive girl and the real strawberry panty-girl who turned out to be so attractively hot when she takes off her glasses and let down her hair; Nishino Tsukasa, the prettiest in their year with which Manaka Junpei confessed readily thinking that it was his strawberry girl and eventually ended up as Manaka’s girlfriend, Kitaoji Satsuki, a very vivacious and aggressive girl who takes advantages of Manaka whenever she finds the perfect moments, Misuzu Sotomura, an underclassman and the younger sister of Hiroshi Sotomura, Minamoto Yui, Manaka’s childhood friend who comes to live with his house with his strange condition of ending up hafk-naked when asleep, Mukai Kozue, Manaka’s classmate in the cram school and has a morbid fear of guys but her thoughts are ironically perverted, and Hashimoto Chinami, a cute bratty girl who ended up as a bikini model in the end of the manga series.  We can also add to this list, Kurogawa-sensei, Manaka’s teacher and the adviser for the Film Club that he was in.

Lots of girls eh?

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