Blood+ is one of my favorite shows in Animax. This one’s an amazing anime because of the superb special effects and the theme songs – they go so well with the plot’s atmosphere and the whole ideology (sort of) of the anime. I sometimes watch the encore run in Animax (since the semester’s not yet over I missed episodes in between) but I already watched the whole series when it was first premiered on Animax here in the Philippines. In 2006, the anime is ranked no. 41 in TV Asahi’s Top 100 Favorite Anime Series. Cool eh?

The Blood+ anime is directed by Junichi Fujisaku, and was based on the 2000 anime film entitled Blood: The Last Vampire. I still haven’t watch that anime film yet, I could have compared it to the anime series – I only manage to take a glimpse of the female character and I prejudging-ly say that I prefer the anime. Laughs.

Diva and Saya

Diva and Saya

I’ve also read that there are three manga series inspired from the same anime, but I haven’t got the chance to read them. Well, if you know any site that scanlates manga or a site that provides you free reading of the manga online – please please let me know. I want to compare and contrast the two, and see them as a whole. There are also two Japanese light novel adaptation of the same anime.

The 50-episode anime series was produced by Production IG (like Fullmetal Alchemist) and Aniplex (like Girl From Hell) and the anime is widely distributed through Sony Pictures Television International (SPTI). Here in the Philippines(South East Asia), it was aired through Animax, Sony’s anime satellite channel.

One of the best points of the anime series – the theme songs. For one thing, the entire musical score and few of the soundtracks of the anime were made by the celebrated music geniuses Hans Zimmer and Mark Mancina. These includes Haji Plays J.S. Bach, you know, that scene when Haji plays that cello piece, and the hair-raising Diva’s voice that intensifies the mood of the anime. The anime’s opening and ending themes are all produced by Sony Music, and very excellent too, because all the anime theme songs are totally fit for the episodes. The opening theme songs are Aozora no Namida by Hitomi Takahashi, Season’s Call by Hyde (totally hot!), Colors of the Heart by UVERworld, and Raion by Jinn while the ending theme songs are the following – Kataritsugu Koto by Chitose Hajime, Cry No More by Nika Nakashima, This Love by Angela Aki (my personal favorite!) and Brand New Map by K (I find this guy so appealing!). I managed to download all these theme songs (thank God!) and I posted most of the lyrics here in my blog (some of them with corresponding translations).

The story centers about Saya Otonashii, a high school girl with amnesia and an anemic one. She is just your typical and ordinary girl, but she holds a very terrible past that she forgot, and little by little it all comes back to her. It gets worse when she is attacked by a chiropteran (monsters that feeds on human blood) wherein the same horrible creatures kills her stepfather. She finds that her blood is the only thing that defeats them, and she is ultimately the only one who can all these nonsense murders. This is where Saya decides that she is going to embark in a journey with her sword and her faithful chevalier, Haji.

Along the way, she rediscovers her real identity, and she faces lots of challenges. The anime also incorporates artistic elements such as flashbacks, allusions of war, and the science-morality dichotomy.

Helping Saya in her quest to fight these bloodsucking creatures are her stepbrothers Kai and Riku. Kai is very cute, I like his character – you know- the typical guy-next-door but a totally compassionate guy. You can’t deny she’s in love with Saya, but because of the battle he has to postpone his feelings and just prefers to stick behind her to support her emotionally. Riku is the younger stepbrother of both Kai and Saya – very carefree and emphatic young boy. But he is killed by Diva in the middle of the anime series. All three of them are adopted by their stepfather George Miyagusuku, who dies in the earlier part of the anime series because a chiropteran attacks him. George Miyagusuku is also part of the organization, the Red Shield, and David is her personal protector of the same organization. Her chevalier, Haji, always goes with her no matter where she goes. Saya’s chevaliers are Haji and Riku.



The main antagonist is Diva, along with her chevaliers, Amschel, Solomon, Karl, James and Nathan. Among these chevaliers I like Solomon most. Aside from the fact that he is so hoooot, he is soft-spoken and she falls in love with Saya. Their human allies is the Cinq Fleches Group, headed by Van Argiano (that guy who always eat sweets in a hair-raising sexy way). The Schiff also works alongside with them, but then later, this group breaks away and sides with Saya’s group.

In the whole anime series, my favorite characters are Kai Miyagusuku, Saya Otonashii and Diva’s chevalier Solomon. There are the must-see characters that makes you go ga-ga. They are the reasons why before, I go home every weekends. I just could get enough of them, you see.


One thought on “Blood+!

  1. hey..! the manga series you talking about is not as good as with blood +..(blood-c)is the most worst…anime manga I’ve ever watch, The story is not passionate as blood+ it’s supper brutal..and its boring….!blood+ is still the best.

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