Midori Days!

Midori Days

Midori Days

Oh, today, I’ll blog about one of my favorite manga that I’ve finished reading last summer – Midori no Hibi, or to put it simply, Midori Days.  The main character Midori Kasugano, is in love with the high school delinquent Seiji Sawamura – nicknamed, “Mad Dog” Sawamura, and extremely famous for his “Devil’s Right Hand”.  Now, what would happen if Seiji’s precious hand becomes a miniature Midori?  Well, that’s definitely what the manga is all about.

Seiji Sawamura (voiced by Kisho Taniyama in Japanese version, and Drew Aaron in English) is a high school student who is known for his amazing fighting skills, but he is not really totally what I call ‘juvenile delinquent’ – he’s just the kind of guy that fights off other bad guys who oppresses the weak.  He uses his ‘devil’s right hand’ to fight the bad guys off, but this hand is also the main reason why he couldn’t find a single girlfriend.  He has gone through 17 years without one, and at the start of the manga (as well as the anime) this is thoroughly exemplified.  Physically, Seiji appears to be a cool, hot guy oozing with sex appeal, *laughs, it’s so ironic how bad guys ends up like that in manga.

Midori Kasugano

Midori Kasugano

Midori Kasugano (voiced by Mai Nakahara in Japanese, and Kether Fernandez in English) on the other hand, is a student of Ogurabashi High School which is a different school from Seiji’s.  She has a crush for Seiji for three years, but unfortunately, she is too shy to let him know.  She just watches Seiji from afar.  She wishes to be with Seiji someday, which actually happened when she became Seiji’s right hand.

The story started with Seiji being rejected by a girl he was courting, and went home depressed because he couldn’t find a girlfriend for himself.  Thus, at home he was daydreaming of having one, and surprisingly, he saw that a miniature girl has appeared in his right hand!  Midori readily confesses her love for him, and Seiji was initially delighted about this – not until he realized that this isn’t the kind of relationship he dreams of – going out with his right hand.  At first he was really harsh with Midori, especially because he couldn’t use his ‘devil’s right hand’ anymore, but as the story progresses, he develops a kind of attraction for her.  While the miniature Midori was in Seiji’s right hand, her real body is in state of coma at her house.

Seiji Sawamura

Seiji Sawamura

Other characters include Takako Ayase (voiced by Reiko Takagi in Japanese, and Mollie Weaver in English) a girl who originally hates Seiji because of his offenses, but later on falls in love with him, Rin Sawamura (voiced by Atsuko Yuya – Zoe Martin), 21-year old sister of Seiji who happens to be a former leader of a street gang, Kota Shingyoji (voiced by Rie Kugimiya – Sebastian Arcelus), Midori’s friend since childhood who has strong feelings for her, but in the later part of the series, he develops feelings for Seiji, Miyahara Osamu (voiced by Hirofumi Nojima – Sean Elias-Reyes), underclassman of Seiji who looks up to Seiji, and who ends up being rescued by Seiji himself, Shiuchi Takamizawa (Yuji Ueda – Joshua Popenoe) a doll maniac who envies Seiji because of the doll-like Midori, and Shiori Tsukishima (Yukari Tamura – Michelle Medlin), a 10-year neighbor who’s in love with Seiji, etc.

There is an anime adaptation of the famous manga written by Kazurou Inoue, in which the original 85 manga chapters are squeezed in the 13-episode-anime.  Lots of scenes and characters are lost in the anime though, but I still think that the anime version can still stand on its own.

The manga is published by SS Comics, the same publisher as Inuyasha, but my copy is scanlated by the Snoopy Cool Scans and I want to thank

the scanners snoopy and xabin;

the editors burgundyteens, mangalurker, and casmos

and the translator nihongoman.  Great job, great stuff!

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