A Conversation with my Bonnets

After I took a bath one day, the black (with dark shades of blue) bonnet spoke to me, where are you going? I looked at it with utmost disgust, and told him to shut up. It’s none of your business, I said to him.  He retorted back, and told me, you creep! You aren’t bringing me now, are you? Damn it.  I knew you had already someone else in your mind, and went to a whole lot of frenzy talk about the bonnets we have both seen in the mall and convincing me that they sucked. I covered him with my bath towel, and he shut up for the minute, but later on he shouted in frustration.  That alerted my other bonnet as well.

Will you shout up midget! my maroon in white stripe-bonnet told my black.  You are wrecking havoc in this room, you know.

Who are you calling midget, you furry bloated smelly brat! said the black in a furious anger.  Get the hell out of this room, airhead!

And they continue to rant on with each other’s anger.  It was only seconds later that I finally realized my room is kind of in a state of chaos. Darn it, I said to both of them, trying to topple my voice over theirs, you both really have gone insane.  You both are losing your marbles.

They fell silent for a moment, although I can feel that they were exchanging glares to each other.  The black bonnet looked up at me. Wear me, he said.

The maroon laughed suddenly.  And then he shifted his expression to a serious mode.  Wear me, he said to me, not staring at the black.

The black bonnet looked fiercely at the maroon, and told me, I am a pretty incredible bonnet, he convinced me.

The maroon gave a sarcastic smile, pretty incredible bonnet? and told me, I’m a helluva bonnet. I look like a hot shot for you.

Okay, I’m getting sick of your old sentiments. Don’t say a goddamn word now, I said, while preparing my things for my first class.

But –

But –

I looked at both of them finally, and then they fell silent again.  I sighed.  There’s no reason to be upset really, I told them, and swung my backpack around ready to leave.

Wait – the black said, you already have someone else in your mind right?

Someone else? or something else? I clarified.

You know black, it’s Mr. Four Eyes-guy, remember? the maroon said to the black.

Really? Hell, no freaking way! the black replied in a haste.

I smiled to both of them.  Yep, he gave me a ball cap, and ran away.


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