Totally finished with my fiction 2 exam.  Man, it was so hard it took me six hours, believe me. To tell you the truth, I wasn’t able to answer the part wherein I have to explain the narrative time in some stories.  It’s kind of frustrating but I promise myself I’d do good in the next week’s part 2 exam.  Haha.

Well,  here’s my must-do’s list over the weekend.

1.  Read James Wood “How Fiction Works.”

2. Write my story for my fiction class.

3.  Write my draft for my one act play.

4.  Study permutation, combination and probabilities.

5.  Solve the probability homework.

6.  Read about Japanese literature.

7.  Study about ethnic cultures.

8.  Wash clothes.

Rush hour here.  Till next time. 🙂


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