Math, Must-Do’s and Movie Marathon

I’ve been busy for the last weeks, trying to catch up with my math lessons, and of course, thesis revision.  Now the lessons are all about logic and I find some problems in class really thought-provoking and honestly, they drive me nuts sometimes.  But like any other subject field I believe that it only takes a couple of serious dedication and well, practice.  XD. Right, I have to follow that kind of thought.

So many things to be done next week, which includes –

1. write an evaluation paper about a play we watched last week

2. write a 5-page paper about asian literature

3.  revise stories

4. study japanese literature for a unit exam

5.  study math

6.  write draft for my business presentation

7.  send good lucks (XD)

— i forgot the others though.  Anyway, must-do’s keep on popping every now and then.

This weekend we went to Panabo, (Kring’s place) to chill. Nice.  I was with April, Dimple, Henry and of course, Kring. We watched a couple of movies (4 chick flicks, 1 love story, 1 thriller) in one day. It’s just one of those rarest times that we can do something like this, amidst our busy schedule.  I really enjoyed the whole thing.

We are still brewing plans what to do next for leisure.  First thing in mind? Beach party. 😉

Till next time.  Take care.


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