Now that it’s semestral break I have the chance to watch xxxHolic in Animax.  I was not able to see the earlier episodes because I didn’t know it has replays every weekends but the anime is easy to understand and so I got at least, the ‘idea’ of the whole anime.  If you love Cardcaptor Sakura, Chobits, Magical Knights Rayearth or Tsubasa Chronicles, then probably you would also love xxxHolic, as they are both planned and presented by Clamp originally.  xxxHolic is a seinen manga that is serialized in Kodansha Young Magazine and published widely in places like United States and United Kingdom.

The story is about the high school student Kimihiro Watanuki who keeps on seeing ghosts and spirits, which disturbs him a lot, and so when he stumbles upon a shop that grants wishes, he wishes to never see those troublesome spirits again.  The shop is own by Yūko Ichihara, a devious, beautiful and mysterious witch.  She grants Watanuki’s request, but for a price – Watanuki will become Ichihara’s part-time employee, assisting the witch in through small errands.  Yūko tends to be really demanding in lavish degrees, and Watanuki becomes irritable sometimes.

I love the opening theme song of the anime entitled 19sai performed by Suga Shikao.


One thought on “xxxHolic

  1. xxxholic is absorbing, mysterious, fantastical, and wholly addictive. Mystery shrouds it, the power of curiosity supports it, and the ART is FaBuLoUs! it is extremely entertaining!

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