Yoshimori is Love!

I don’t why but even though Yoshimori doesn’t really have the ‘good looks’, I think I’m still way attracted to him.  I constantly watch the anime Kekkaishi every weekend to see him.  Shounen characters like him really are appealing for anime viewers, and that’s because they are so funny, and so stubborn at times.

Yoshimori (Kekkaishi)

Yoshimori (Kekkaishi)

I haven’t yet started downloading the manga version though, I’m still preoccupied with the other manga comics as well like Karin, Midori no Hibi, School Rumble, Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou and Ayashi no Ceres. I decided to finish them first before starting with Kekkaishi.  I’m so crazy over these stuffs, that sometimes I think I’m not in myself anymore.  Anime brain overload, I say.

But of course, I will have the manga copy in due time, it’s just that I have my other priorities as well.  And I won’t let such popular shounen manga unread, to think that it even won the Shogakukan Manga Award in 2007!  It’s got to be really exciting, the manga version.

The manga series was originally written by Yellow Tanabe, and the anime adaptation was produced by Sunrise.

As of the moment, I contend myself with watching the anime adaptation in Hero channel.  And in case you’d miss the prime telecast, you can always have a blast with the replays.

The story is about Yoshimori Sumimura, who is a kekkaishi or a ‘barrier master’.  Along with Tokine Yukimura as heirs of the Hazama clan, their task is to protect the land of Karasumori, where the former feudal lord’s power was buried five hundred years ago. They have to destroy what they call the Ayakashi or the demons/monsters that try to seize the power of Karasumori.

And Yoshimura is an interesting guy by the way.  He reminds me of Junpei Manaka of Ichigo 100%, (except the fact the Junpei is a perverted guy) but both of them are really amusing. Yoshimori is a pretty funny and lazy guy but aggressive in using his kekkai against any ayakashi.  His childhood friend Tokine who is two years older than he is, is a more logical kekkaishi, and she always tries to protect Yoshimori in any case.  Yoshimori develops feelings for her, although it is in the later part of the series that Tokine becomes aware of it.  Uh-oh.

Probably one of the reasons why I always go home on weekends is to watch this anime.  I just hate missing any episodes of it.

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