Fun in School with insulated lunch tote

It’s semestral break already, and you could say that I can now finally take a short rest (for two weeks) after the stressful first semester of the academic year.  I’m in my senior year in college, and need i say that i really need to give an extra effort in school?  Haha.

Well, you could say that I love school in general.  And school is definitely in the list of my topmost priority as of the moment.  Except that of course, things get a little serious now, with senior year as thesis year, and the goal to graduate on time. 

Which reminds me of my gradeschool and highschool days.  Those times when I was still a little cute tot strutting my gradeschool stuff and always excited to see the teacher.  I mean, it’s always like that right?  When you were young you tend to love your teacher. Ha.  And if I remember right, everytimeI got a high score that time my parent would give me nice school stuff that would include chic mechanical pencils and glossy scented pad papers.  These things, they all made up the fun in school.  And kids, we all know that, love them all. 

Now, time changes and along with it are equally cool stuffs for the kids.  Before I used to be contented with a boring plastic lunch pack where I could jumpack my lunch but now that Ive grown a little olderI feel envious of the insulated lunch tote that’s looks so comfortable! The one I’ve seen lately in the internet while I was browsing for perfect gifts for my nephew. And not to mention I’d like to have that toddler backpack and nap mat too.  You see, those things really inspired kids to go to school.  And if that’s what you want, you need not have second thoughts about it.


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