Future Guns

Just recently I watched an episode in the Discovery Channel featuring future weapons, this time, it’s all about guns.   Guns, not in sense associated with violence, but guns that are used in the current revolutionized law enforcement systems in the first world countries.  They are called “directed energy weapons” – amazing stun guns and laser guns. 

For that episode they presented two kinds of revolutionized guns.  The first one is the laser gun which aims to disable, distract, disorient one’s ability (used ideally in vehicles and in any checkpoint); to obscure the driver’s vision, giving him a momentary and temporary inability to focus.  The second one is the stun-strike wireless stun gun that fires a bolt of light, with a static energy of 200,000 volts! Gosh, it perfectly captures, as they say, the “natural psyche of lightning”. 

So you might ask, How are they used?

We all know that the use of technology, in any form, in any kind, reduces the stress.  In this context, using technology one can gain control of the situation without any kind of casualties.  Perfect for police and law enforcement officers. 

But future weapons and gadgets like these are not only limited to the very concept of lasers and lightning.  Soundwaves can also be a vital strategic combat loudspeaker against intruders.  The effective acoustic weapon, I say.  Using long ranged acoustic device such as “LRAD” (which is surprisingly and amazingly 10,000 times louder than usual, in 155 decibels) is enough to disable the focus of the attacker.  Simply put, it’s like a punch in the eardrum and believe me, it’s going to cause you more than great severe discomfort. 

But future weapons like these must be used the way they were idealized of course.  🙂 In a good way. 

Have a pleasant afternoon.


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