School Rumble and my Attraction to Harima

If you love an ultra funny anime with totally crazy characters, then you’ll surely love School Rumble! It’s one of my latest addictions currently – I just finished watching the anime version in Hero channel and I’m still downloading the manga version.  It’s a pity the anime version doesn’t seem to conclude just yet, and I still haven’t watched the OVAs! huhuhuhu.  It’s a romance comedy (and at some point, comedic-tragic) but I assure you that this one is very very amusing.

Tenma Tsukamoto

Tenma Tsukamoto

Tenma Tsukamoto

Tenma Tsukamoto

Tsukamoto Tenma

“The reason Karasuma-kun doesn’t know about my feelings, is because I’ve never done anything about it.  That’s it – I’LL CONFESS!”

Likes: Karasuma-san

Dislikes: spicy food

The anime series starts with Tenma Tsukamoto, the female protagonist, and his creative reflection of her feelings for Karasuma Ooji.  She tries persistently to confess her love for this stonefaced passive guy, but fails in the process.  While Tenma is busy thinking of her Karasuma, the anime’s male protagonist Harima Kenji, who is a delinquent, develops feelings for Tenma and tries to confess to her too, but Tenma fails to notice it.

Karasuma Ooji

Karasuma Ooji

Karasuma Ooji

“… … … … …”

Characteristic: He’s always spacing out by himself.

Hairstyle: It’s weird.

So it’s all about futile love confessions both for Tenma and Harima that made the anime really funny.  Although the real story revolves around them, still the anime isn’t just confine to them.  Other characters also complicate the whole story, like Tenma’s friend Sawachika Eri, who always ends up in embarrassing situations with Harima.  Later in the series, she develops feelings for him.

Harima Kenji

Harima Kenji

Harima Kenji

“A man in love must not disgrace himself.  Don’t think, FEEL.”

Favorite Person: Tsukamoto Tenma

Specialty: Fighting

Tenma’s youngest sister Yakumo is also associated with Harima because she was helping Harima in editing his manga.  She is a very reliable sister who always looks out for Tenma.  And lots of guys are attracted to her too.

Other friends of Tenma include Mikoto Suou who is a black belter in kenpo, and Takano Akira who is serious, perceptive, and mysterious.  Other characters include Haruki Hanai who falls in love for Yakumo, Nara Kentarou who’s love interest is Tenma, Osakabe Itoko a teacher and Harima’s cousin, Anegasaki Tae who falls in love with Harima and calls him “Hario”, Imadori Kyousuke a playboy who hooks up with many girls (with D-sizes) and falls for Mikoto, Ichijou Karen the wrestler who falls in love with Imadori, the foreigners Harry McKenzie and Lala Gonzales, and many many more!

My personal favorite character is Harima Kenji, (not Harry McKenzie, hehehe, although Harry is much more handsome though).  But Harima is better than Harry, I suppose.  It’s because he’s a very interesting guy who ends up either being understood (misunderstood moments: that he once confessed to Eri, or that he’s dating Yakumo) or some idiot who misunderstood, in any case, that his love Tenma has hidden feelings for him.

Yep, it’s literally “school rumble” if there is such elements as misunderstanding in a very amusing way.

The anime theme songs of School Rumble are the following, in season one: Scramble by Yui Horie (Eri) with UNSCANDAL, Umi no Otoko wa yo by Kikokumaru’s Man Chorus Group, Onna no Ko Otoko no Ko by Yuko Ogura, Hatenkou Robo Dojibiron’s Theme by Jūzō Nanba, School Rumble 4 Ever by Ami Koshimizu (Tenma), Hitomi Nabatame (Mikoto), Kaori Shimizu (Akira), and Yui Horie (Eri) and Ginga Ensen ’05 by Hiroki Takahashi (Harima Kenji); in season two: Sentimental Generation and Kono Namida ga Aru Kara by Ami Tokito, THE LAST CANDLE, and Futari wa Wasurechau by Tenma (Ami Koshimizu) and Yakumo (Mamiko Noto). 

The manga author is Jin Kobayashi and the manga is published by Kodansha.  I’m so happy that the manga series is still ongoing, with 273 chapters as of May 09, 2008, since its original run in 2002.  The manga is serialized in Shounen Magazine being classified as “shounen”, action-themed stories for boys, but don’t worry girls, this is the kind of manga that both girls and boys could enjoy.

The TV anime is directed by Shinji Takamatsu in cooperation with Studio Comet, FUNimation Entertainment, Revelation Films, Madman Entertainment and Tokyopop.  It was first aired on October 2004 in TV Tokyo network.

I’m still not finished downloading the manga yet, but I want to thank Y-Anime ( and Akatsuki Manga ( for coming up with the scanlations.  Thank you so much guys! (bow!)

5 thoughts on “School Rumble and my Attraction to Harima

  1. omg i love school rumble its awsome but i wanna know whens the very last episode of schoolrumble?second semester and is there gonnna be anymore school rumble episodes like a third semester?

  2. omg i love school rumble!!
    do you know anything about season three? like, why cant i find it anywhere?? D: or did they even make one?? im so sad!!

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