A Random Memory

When I was in highschool you could say I am not the kind of person who would deliberately study for an exam or pep myself for a short quiz. Especially if it’s math. I used to be an average student who gets enough amount of sleep and rest.  I didn’t even depend on tight schedules, or routines, or even priorities.  I could say that I am more goal-oriented as of the moment now that I am in college.

Highschool.  They say it was the best time of your academic life.  The smell of first love, the feel of youthful vibrance.  This is the time when it feels like everything is opening up, blossoms up to whole new possibilties of growing up.  And I agree with all these things.  High school is definitely unforgettable. 

A single random memory that I will never ever forget is the fact that there came a time when I almost flunked one of my subject when I was in second year.  Taking an algebra subject, it was never my favorite field even in gradeschool.  I can endure physics or chemistry, but I get all weak in the knees dealing with math problems, especially if they are algebra word problems.  I admit math never ceases to amaze me – after all, math word problems sharpen your analytical skills and harness your critical skills in easing your way out to come up with the right math answers.  But at that time I hope I had all the algebra help that I could get to myself because no one in the family knows algebra too well.  I came from a family who are practitioners of liberal arts, so math never really came easy for all of us.

Math is a general subject – everybody has to undertake it because it is one of the fundamental field that man has to know.  Now, as a college student, I still have to deal with general mathematics even though I’m taking a creative writing course.  One thing that I learned in life is that I could never evade it.  And people should know that well too.  That’s why, it’s important that we should know where to run in case we need math tutorial.  Close friends will do.  And internet is always there at least, algebra 2 help.

You see, you are not alone.  But we learn to survive, eventually.

Just a random memory I’d like to share.


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