Art For Art’s Sake

The Art for Art’s Sake philosophy pioneered by Jose Garcia Villa is about creating an art solely for the purpose of art, and it doesn’t have any socio-political colorations or commentaries that some people may deem significant.  It puts a high premium for beauty, as well as ‘form’ aesthetics.  It doesn’t have to be about a certain society issue, as long as it gives pleasure to the readers.

It is evident in Villa’s sonnet I “First, a poem should be magical” because if you interpret it using critical theoriesfrom any of those sociopolitical ones (eg.  Marxism, New Historicism, Cultural Studies) the poem will not make sense because the poem uses a lot of juxtaposition of images that are not ‘logically’ correct.  But there is something in the poem that is beautiful, and pleasurable, and I think it is the rhyme, rhythm, imagery, and its overall versification, which are pleasing to the senses.

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