Creative Writing Through Other Arts

For me, creative writing serves as a tool for the creation of the other arts as well such as movement arts, music and visual poetry – although in the case of the latter, it can be the other way too.  Incorporating rhythm, meter and rhyme to enhance the form of the genre (eg. poetry, lyrics) is equally important aside from establishing a very effective content and this is where both movement arts and music flourishes.  With these, movement arts and music are said to be effective especially if one carefully chooses the appropriate words to assign to a specific tone, theme, rhythm or melody.  This would produce a very powerful effect for the spectators.  Personally, this is evident in speech choir presentations and performances in movements in poetry.

Contemporary writers usually use at least a single concrete imagery to convey their fresh insights that they have in their minds.  Such use of concrete metaphors instead of abstract ideas renders the image vivid and picturesque.  And this is where the mental imagery that one gets from reading a literary piece comes in:  when it is depicted through visual arts, whether natural or artificial, or whether by photography or graphic arts.  As exemplified by Horace in his treatise, The Art of Poetry, the use of imagery (eg in poetry) merits the same attention or treatment as that of the painting (ut pictura poesis – like painting, so is poetry).


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