Survival :)

Okay, just a year end report of last semester’s experience.  To start with, I got an extra load for a subject last semester.  And thankfully enough, I survived first semester.

So what really happened last semester? I finished the draft for my thesis manuscript, wrote a novella, studied asian literature, wrote a one act play, learned business writing, studied folklores.  It was a hectic semester I say, and I did really invest a lot of effort and time just to get through with it.

It helps to have friends to help you get through the  day.

And wait, not to forget, I also survived my math subject!

Well, probably that’s by far, the hardest subject that I have ever taken – considering that I am not good in math eversince gradeschool.    You know why? We came from a family who are more inclined with the liberal arts, so our life is mostly centered in literature, or history.  But I’d say sometimes some fields in math really interest me – algebra and geometry are my special favorites (don’t get me wrong, I am definitely not good dealing with these two math subjects).  It’s just that some concepts that I learned in studying them really flared my interest, in the same way literarture and history did.

But more or less, as what I’ve learned, problems dealing with math can be easily addressed by finding the right supplementary reading materials. Say for example, algebra help or some sample math problems.    Or try the comprehensive algebra 2 help that I just found in the net.  On the other hand, you can also seek help from your closest friends who are very good in math, and if that’s not enough, try to find a personal tutor that would help you in your own convenient time – a tutor that would help you come up with the right math answers and the right one to guide you in solving some algebra word problems.  You see, math word problems need a lot of critical thinking and analyzation, so it would be at your advantage to have someone to guide you.


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