Chain Messages

It’s really weird right, when suddenly your long lost text mate, (perhaps a high school friend) texted you.  You’re happy of course, knowing that you haven’t keep in touch with each other for so many weeks but you just realized that’s it’s just one of those dim-witted forwarding messages that makes your head reel like mad.   These messages that I’m talking about are those messages that contain words like “pass this message or you’ll die”, “I’m not joking, tested and proven, you have to pass this”, “you’ll receive a miracle after 10 days if you pass this to nth people…” and the worst message I received was “this is a curse, you have to pass this or your mother will die…”. It’s insulting in a way, on how people reacted so initially at these messages, and perhaps clamoring to forward it to his/her legions.  Sometimes, I feel afraid too, but then I’d realized that these messages are really absurd in a way.  And it makes me feel sad that this maybe the only freaking reason to text me, just because I’m one of those nth people, or because he or she is running out of text mates to send it to.  Weird, but true. But these messages really piss me off.  I think the how and why of it is self-explanatory enough.

I never pass messages like that to my friends, but still I’m alive and kicking.

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