On Stress Responses, Hitting the Brakes and Losing a Hundred

They say bad luck comes in three.  You’ll see.


First bad luck.  Being stuck in a scientific forum on stress responses about plants.  Not that it’s really unimportant; of course I knew that the plants get stressed too because of environmental conditions!  Yep, I understood that kind of mechanism anyway, at least, the general idea. But  delving deep on the how and the why of it is really excruciating for my un-scientific brain, encountering weird words like ‘regulomes’ ‘arabidopsis’ RAV1’, ‘protein chaperon’ or ‘irreversible hydro-churva’ I am more preoccupied with the smell of coffee and the sound of biscuit wrappers.  You can’t blame me, I haven’t eaten my lunch – it’s a straight Khareen-you-have-to-listen experience from 10:00 am to 3:30 pm.  Plus, other people are nodding, and it made me feel like I am really an idiot.  But I have no choice though, I need to come up with a paper about it and pass it to Mr. Professor for next week.  Considering that I didn’t pass his first exam, need I say I have to comply this requirement? Uh huh.

The bright side: the coffee.

Bad trip: I don’t know what to write about it.


Second bad luck. Losing a hundred, when you don’t have any money anymore can be really dangerous. And that is supposed to be my transpo fare back home, but i-don’t-know-what-the-fu—-hell happened but it just dematerialized out of my pocket.  For a moment, I was like really pissed off.  Lucky I’m the photocopy girl – hmmm… I can use the money-which-is-supposed-to-be-for-our-photocopies for the meantime and find a way to nick money out of my –

The bright side:  I’m the photocopy girl!

Bad trip: I’m still the photocopy girl.


This is the second time that I’m in the jeepney and a vehicle bumps into us from behind.  The first time, I was with with a friend in the front seat.  I still could feel the creeps whenever I think about it.  It gave me the jelly-like legs (which is supposed to be felt only when your crush had just passed you by).  The second time I was off to Badminton World for that day’s badminton match.  And then, the jeep came into a halt all of a sudden (I felt it right there!) and then something bumped into us – God knows who’s the driver – looked like a rich guy – and I felt like hugging the person on my right (I didn’t know him though).  Now, I am worrying.  Because my friends say that I will die the third time around.  Creeps.  But they are just scaring the hell out of me.

The bright side:  The screeching sound of a brake – amazing.

Bad trip:  That may be the last time I’ll hear that. Ha-ha!


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