Toddler Trips

As a student, I enjoy travelling.

People see me as a homebody kind of person. Yes, I am. But I realized that the more you travel, the more you can get more insights about other people in other places. That is why as of the moment, i enjoy travelling. Commuting, that is. Riding buses and taxis. Just to go out from my comfort zone and explore different place on my own.

But things got really complicated when you travel with toddlers.  Don’t you think?

The risks are of course, are far greater than what you have thought they would be.  But like any other, these risks can be prevented in many cases.  Prevention depends on the kind of outdoor fun that you have in mind.  Going out with your family somewhere driving your car? Are you bringing with you your toddlers? You might as well plan the whole trip very well to ensure the utmost safety and comfort.  You know kids – they eat, throw tantrums, sleep, and play even inside the car.  And you have to bring with you lots of stuff: diaper, food, snacks, extra change of clothes, talc powder, etc. which means you have to find the right and perfect kiddie travel bag for these essential things.  Chic nappy bags,  and washable, not just the conventional boring ones.

If the trip that you have in mind might take weeks, perhaps you should consider planning where are you going to stay for the night.  If you like to take a walk, with a baby with you, try using cute baby carriers that caters to both of your comfort.

Unless you haven’t thought about this things yet, it’s time to gear up and otherwise, come up with another second thought on traveling.

Happy safe trip!


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