Regina Spektor’s Music

Regina Spektor

I finally got myself a copy of Regina Spektor’s Far album, which I considered as excellent as her Begin to Hope album. Totally unique. It’s kind of amusing that I can’t get enough of her songs even though I play it all over again in my player.

The song The Calculation first appealed to my senses, probably one of the top five favorite Regina Spektor songs in the album. Eet showcases the signature Regina Spektor’s style, that distinct vocal style of hers that’s totally unique. Blue Lips is kind of ambiguous, but there is beauty in that ambiguity that renders the song really appealing. Folding Chair is sweet and romantic, a lighthearted song with a narrative thread, and the distinct vocal style of Regina in the so-called ‘dolphin’s song’. Machine probably renders the darkest mood in the album, the chorus reverberates all throughout the song. I find Laughing With very witty, maybe because of the lyrics, and this instantly became my favorite song. Human of the Year is another gloomy and looming song with searing lyrics. Two Birds where there’s birds images as metaphors, equally works like a poem. Dance Anthem of the 80’s is the probably the lightest song, between jive and dance, the melody carries the beauty of the song. The narrative exploration in the song Genius Next Door is clearly presented, it works like a short story. Wallet is a simple song with a simple narrative of the speaker’s experience of finding a wallet, but it was a powerful song for me. I love One More Time With Feeling, the melody, the message and the feeling that it stirs in me about holding on to love. Man of a Thousand Faces is the last song in the album, another song with a story that’s filled with concrete images, making the song another hit.

It was hard for me to choose favorites among these songs because I like them all. Moreover, they appeal to me in a different way. I love the songs. I love Regina Spektor.


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