Christmas Broke and Must-Do’s Over the Break

Christmas break doesn’t necessary mean you have all the money, because in the first place, you are not in school and so you don’t have the usual allowance for your day-today expenses. Same situation where I’m in now – when I usually spent an ordinary day surfing the net, reading and watching TV in the house, surviving on a few crackers and mom’s cooking.  I don’t fancy going out either because I don’t have the money, so it’s enough for me to surf the net and look out what’s happening in the outside world.  Then again, (come to think of it) I’ve got lots to do over the holiday season which has nothing to do with Christmas and New Year celebrations, but something to do with academics and school.

Okay, as usual I’m making lists again.  Here’s one, my must-do’s over the Christmas Break:

1.  Read Jarhead by Anthony Swofford – As what Enterntainment Weekly claimed, it’s “… a brutally honest memoir…” and I agreed to that statement by the time I’ve read the first few pages.  Anyway I’m reading this memoir for my Creative Nonfiction class where I’m going to present a sort-of book report for the class.  I highly recommend this book, very searing and funny at times.  This one rocks.

2.  Write preface for my creative thesis – Probably the most important thing to do over the break – confront my thesis.  Well, the creative preface would mean sharing my writing experiences and the writing process, the process of revision and my take on the whole literature.  Not to forget, the thematic concept, the unifying principle for my stories.   Mind you, it’s not that easy, and to tell you the truth, I’m still groping on what to write and how to write this one.

3. Read The Odyssey – not necessarily required, but why not read the next reading material in advance?

4.  Write reaction paper about a paper about Rizal – totally complicated the way I put it but just to sum things up, it’s like that.

5.  Write a reflection paper about kinds of thinking species for my philosophy class

6. Make a report about Thailand – this one’s for my Southeast Asian literature class.

So I think that’s it.  Anyway, that’s what I remember as of the moment.

Wishing you happy holidays! 🙂


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