This is Why I Tweet

I’ve been addicted to Twitter these past few months. I can send 18 tweets per day; when I used to send only a single tweet when I was still a newbie.

The thing about Twitter is *initially* it’s not really that overwhelming and it’s as simple as sending short text messages online to your so-called legions, who are your own followers. It’s not like there’s built-in multi-applications in there – for one thing, the only way to customize your page is through changing the Twitter template or background. The rest of the fun like Twitpic or longer notes like NotePub can be incorporated through shortened links to get past through the 140-character count.

But why do I like Twitter, even better, say, than Facebook or Plurk?

The thing about Twitter is that it’s very simple. It doesn’t demand too much for you, just ‘tweet’ what’s happening around you and then that’s it. It’s free, it’s text-based, it’s so short it doesn’t take too much of your time scrolling down through tweets of your favorite people, whom you follow. It’s the new gateway for news, gossips and it’s probably the easiest and the fastest information highway – it’s like reading through headlines, one-liner rib ticklers, or nuggets of wisdom.

And there are lots of *role-players* in there, which I find really amusing. Have your read Leo Tolstoy’s tweets? You can follow him @leotolstoy and see what are his tweets like. Some interesting famous people and figures I follow are the following:

1. @tinybuddha – for short dozes of Buddha’s thoughts

2. @alberteinstein – “I have no special talent, I am only passionately curious.”

3.  @gandhi_bot – Mahatma Gandhi’s tweets

4.  @dostoyevsky – Russian novelist and writer of Crime and Punishment!

5.  @sfreud – I’m not really a fan of Sigmund Freud, but just to see what kind of tweets he is sending…

6.  @holdencaulfield – the celebrated and one of the famous literary characters, created by JD Salinger in Catcher in the Rye

7.  @batman – Batman at Gotham.  But he’s so busy saving the city he doesn’t tweet that much

8.  @Socrates – LOL. the Greek philosopher

9.  @jesuschrist – doesn’t tweet in English

10.  @Jose_P_Rizal – the Philippine national hero on Twitter. 🙂

11.  @LdeLioncourt @lestat_lebrat @LestatQuotes – anything that concerns with the Vampire Lestat

12.  @mortal_passion – Louis de Pointe du Lac (wooo!)

It’s really amusing. To read their tweets.

For the meantime, LET ME KNOW who are the other interesting people there are to follow.  SHOUT out your suggestions here!

Bye bye!



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