Recently I just passed by a trade show about fashion stuff made up of indigenous materials.  I find them really innovative and resourceful, not to mention, chic and creative too.   You might think that with the onset of the internet (being able to put on sale stuff on Facebook, Multiply, etc) trade shows might be considered rare nowadays.  But I don’t think so.

As a young student I find trade show displays very tempting.  Usually referred to as trade expos or trade fairs, events like these are organized by companies to showcase and demonstrate their products and services in the hope of increasing market sales and making their products more marketable and more familiar to the public.   Some of these trade shows tell the public about their latest information of their products, (for example, specialized logo floor mats, new kitchenware materials, or newly released books) especially if companies came up with new ones, or updated old ones.  The catch in this situation is their trade show displays should possess the promotional touches and features that should be alluring and appealing to passersby.

You might be familiar of this trade show displays – usually they used decorative truss to attract people from coming in.  Some companies used the conventional exhibit booths – where this set-up also gives opportunities for entrepreneurs to meet other entrepreneurs, sharing ideas about unique and new business concepts currently brewing in the market.  These investment opportunities are strategic; entrepreneurs are able to gather around to exchange issues concerning business, from the formulation of a business concept to the implementation and execution of a certain business plan.  Best of all, this is the smartest way to analyze the profiles of prospect clients and customers, your idea of marketing study in the desirable target market.

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