Knowing More Than Steering Wheels

It doesn’t mean that when you are a female creature you shouldn’t be interested in cars.  Cars can appeal to women as much as to men.  Women usually go for the chic and the comfort of flashy kinds of cars while men go for performance and durability.

The most important of it all is to know more about your car than just driving it.  You wouldn’t want to end up stuck on the side of the road with steam spewing out of your hood or coming across with a water pump leak.  Knowing as simple as how the water pump is connected to your timing belt, or when to replace your water pump could save you a lot of stress.  Still, safe and responsible driving is important.  But start getting to know your car, that is, more than maneuvering the steering wheel.

Whenever I see TV shows that features new models for cars I usually root for classic models, like Ford Squire, Ford Escort or other Ford variants.  These classic post-war automobiles stand out because nowadays other companies are mass producing cars with futuristic designs.  But I still like the classicism of some Ford models.  And by classic I mean something of lasting worth, timeless and almost perfect.  It will always remain prized and valuable.


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