Blackouts, The Moon and Mobile Election Campaigns

The calendar says it’s going to be a full moon and I badly needed one tonight.  Blame the blackouts – the second one I have today.  Blackouts supposed to occur once in a day in a grueling six hours straight but I’m afraid it’s going to be another six-hour streak tonight (the first one occurred this morning).

But I can see no moon tonight.  Just streaks of navy blue clouds in the sky.  And as I was writing this entry my table is flanked with two candles on both sides with their flames raging against the wind.  I can actually feel the smoke straight right into my nostrils, and I’m especially worried these candles might harm my face as I had just finished washing it for tonight.

Mobile election campaigns, as I have noticed, are more privileged to roam around with their political jingles tonight, thanks to blackout.  My neighbors are irksome about this because it’s indeed irritating how these vehicles feel like aristocrats roaming in this tranquil, solemn night.

Now I can see the moon.  Clouds must have covered it.

The sky lightens for a bit.  The candles continue to trickle their last waves of flames, the frozen wax flattened and dried on my table.


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