Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama!

There’s a main reason why the name Usui Takumi is brewing hot in the anime world today.  A new ongoing romantic comedy anime series Kaichou Wa Maid Sama! (The Student Council President is a Maid!) currently airing today on Animax every Sunday at 8:30 am has to do with this.

The anime is classified as “shoujo” which means the anime caters to young girls and women.  This distinction can be easily grasped because of the anime’s romantic flavor brewing between two major characters: Ayuzawa Misaki and Usui Takumi.  The chemistry between them is absolutely hilarious and anime viewers find their love-hate relationship turbulently sweet and fascinating.

Ayuzawa Misaki

Ayuzawa Misaki (voiced by Ayumi Fujimura), is the first female student council president of Seika High School.  Seika is renowned for its boisterous and wild students, once an exclusive all-boys school which makes its reputation even more intimidating and terrifying to young girls.  Misaki, fueled by her determination to put the recently co-ed school into a good light, tries her best to tame wild and hardheaded Seika students.  Her own reforms are relentless and ruthless but at the end of the day they all boil down to Misaki’s best interests for the school.

However, there’s one secret that Misaki has been nursing to herself all this time.  While she poses a dominant stance toward Seika students all throughout the day, she is actually working on a part time job as a maid!  Believing that this part time job at Maid Latte might ruin the way Seika students view and respect her, she kept it secret from them.

But the catch is that the most popular boy in school named Usui Takumi (voiced by Nobuhiko

Usui Takumi

Okamoto) learns Misaki’s secret.  Since then, he takes an interest to Misaki and constantly follows her around.  At some extreme cases when Misaki faces danger, Usui comes to the rescue to help her.  Misaki, initially rejects his uncanny  ability to be presentwherever he goes but later on she’s gotten used to it.  Usui is often referred as “the perverted space alien” by Misaki.  Usui openly tells Misaki he likes her; he protects Misaki’s secret and sometimes works as a part time cook at Maid Latte to closely keep an eye on her.

Kaichou Wa Maid Sama! is an ongoing manga written by Hiro Fujiwara and was serialized in Hakusensha’s Lala since December 2005.  An ongoing anime adaptation of the same title directed by Hiroaki Sakurai originally premiered on April 1, 2010 on TBS, with a same week telecast on Animax Asia.

Moreover, the opening theme song “My Secret” was performed by Mizuno Saaya and the ending theme “Yokan” by heide.

I look forward to the anime’s new episodes on Animax (in Japanese audio, with English subtitle) every Sunday, 8:30 pm.

5 thoughts on “Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama!

  1. Hey I finded reading and watching Kaichou wa maid sama and was wondering if its is true there will be a second season for the shows. Ive read lots of different sites telling me yes and no so I was wondering if anyone could tell me if its true or not. Thx! 🙂

  2. I was wondering if there was going to be a Volume 13 of Kaichou Wa Maid-sama since Chapter 57 left you hanging like whats going to happen next? I’ve been dewling over it since I read it two weeks ago and was hopeing upon hopeing that there will be. Hope you can tell me.

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