Sleep Paralysis Experience

The night before yesterday I have experienced what I just found out to be sleep paralysis. It did feel really scary at the outset, but I couldn’t deny that undergoing such experience could be weird and amazing at the same time.  That’s because I literally could feel my consciousness ebbing away from me.

[…] Sleep paralysis occurs when the brain awakes from a REM state, but the body paralysis persists.  This leaves the person fully conscious but unable to move […]

Sleep Paralysis, Wikipedia

Upon reading across with this description I was happy that this “out-of-body” experience was not at all entirely unknown and that there is actually a medical description for it.  That’ because in our country, sleep paralysis are believed to cause certain unexplained deaths for some, so that kind of freaks me out for a bit.

[…] can last from several seconds to several minutes, “by which the individual may experience panic symptoms and the realization that the distorted perceptions were false […]

Further description above is precise as to my experience; that’s exactly how I felt.  After undergoing such horrifying experience that lasted about ten seconds, it’s like coming out unscathed from visiting Death.  Although this was not the first time I’ve experienced this sleep paralysis (the first time,  I cried so hard to sleep) it still never fail to scare the hell out of me.  Even though now I have at least a general awareness about it, I still feel that there is more to just my brain messing around with me.

[…] is particularly frightening to the individual because of the vividness of such hallucinations […]

Yes, very frightening indeed.  And that because it is really vivid.  But in this recent sleep paralysis I’ve experienced, I was at least aware of the thin line between the real perception from the false, the reality from hallucination.  I was quite aware of that thin, luminous sweeping sensation starting from my neck and finally to all parts of the body.  The neck, I felt, was where the center of energy from which paralysis started and I certainly  have to find out why is that.  The kind of awareness – that I’m fully aware that I’m entering a certain kind of trance, a false reality – that amazed me for a moment.  My brain was active, fiery and sizzling with neurons and because my brain is messing around with me, I figured out I have to beat and end the hallucination using my brain then.  Yes, I used my brain to stop itself from messing around with me.  I just concentrated real hard to move my feet and hands and it worked.

I could also remember fully my dream prior to the onset of sleep paralysis.

Wikipedia says that sleep paralysis have some factors that increase the likelihood of it.  One is sleeping with a face upwards or supine position – exactly my sleeping position that night.  The lucid dream I had prior to paralysis, immediately precedes the sleep paralysis could be a factor too.

Another clear detail that I remember about the experience is the sounds of chickens.

[…] Many perceptions associated with sleep paralysis (visceral buzzing, loud sounds, adrenal mental state, presences, and the paralysis itself) also … referred to as out of body experiences […]

Oh right, I am very well contented with the chicken sounds (because we do have chickens outside our backyard) – as long as it’s not someone else’s presence, if you know what I mean.

[…] paralysis sufferers tend to fixate on reestablishing operation of the body, whereas subjects of out-of-body episodes are more occupied by perceived non-equivalence with the body […]

By the way, I am more familiar with the vernacular term of sleep paralysis, referred to as “urom”.


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