Scrub Changes

With the global demand for nurses nowadays, it is also not impossible for high school students to bank on nursing careers.  After all, nurses are not only carriers of a noble profession – the largest workforce in the medical community – you could say that they are also approachable in their sunny dispositions and appealing in their pink scrubs and clean uniforms.  The care of various individuals is not something to be underestimated for – it requires patience, special skills and a particular readiness even to the worst possibilities.  For someone who ensures a quality care for all, that is something to be impressed about.

While I was going through the history of nursing care – reading through how old people in the past had administer care, the war setting and the nurses, and many more – I couldn’t help but notice how the medical attire have drastically changed overtime.  Even though it is an accepted convention that clothing styles and designs would change from time due to adhering to the prevailing fashion trends, you can help but wonder at the wide range of types of nursing uniforms there are.

19th century is marked with the colonial period with the widespread significant developments brought about by the era of invention and discovery.  Even though slavery has declined during this period, nurses during this age still wore servant uniforms as if they were slaves – a uniform which was characterized by a white gathered or a banded cap and a gray long dress with an apron.  So you could say that nursing was never seen as a respected profession when you compare this as of the moment.  Nurse uniforms and supplies were also given by wealthy households, to which most of the nurses have worked with.  Overtime, there have been subtle changes in terms of the uniform and the color white is seen to be the proper color for the nurses who administer cleanliness and neatness.

In time of wars, nurses who cured and restored injured soldiers to their utmost health were likely to wear uniforms with the same shade of color like the military – only they were patterned to be more feminine and yet still durable.  By the time Florence Nightingale made nursing a reputable profession, nurses were wearing distinct uniforms so by then they were highly distinguished by the slaves.  Over the years, the hat and the band system were developed to distinguish among nurses.  After a particular prerequisite training, a nurse could have a change of clothes to signify that she has made it to another rank or level.  More changes have been made them to include details and styles: breast pockets, collars.  Crown hats were replaced by paper hats, skirts shortened so nurses could move freely around, and the fabric quality must be wash and wear in style.

But contemporary clothing style when it comes to nursing uniforms combines functionality and fashion, utility and appeal, mobility and chic.  And so it is no wonder that you will find a wide selection of teal scrubs, colorful scrub hats, lab coats and many more – in different colors, in different patterns.

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