Things That Irritate the Heck Out of Me

We all have our own notions of pet peeves and my list does not involve popular ones like loud music, spam emails,  fat people panhandling, grammatical mistakes or even crying infants.  My own set of pet peeves has to do with the dried toothpaste in the sink, presence of too many people, solving simple math problems, Guy de Maupassant-ish movies or pointless action flicks and those Pe0PLe Hu Typ LyK tHisz.

Some people have the same list for pet peeves but there are distinctive things or specific situational features that are unique to some others.  Moreover, our own list of pet peeves changes from time to time, owing to either over exposure to them  or a sudden change of heart.  For instance, I used to really hate spam emails but I realized later that this is seemingly quite normal thing and it happens to all people – except for those people who are rich enough to waste wades of cash to block all spams rather than manually deleting them.  The same is true for loud music – for as long as the neighbor can still have the chance to drink then it is inevitable to involuntarily hear Axel F’s Crazy Frog blaring on his radio again.  And there’s no good harboring a pet peeve for grammatical mistakes because that means hating most people including – alas! – yourself.  And I don’t want to hate myself if that’s the case.  When I come to think about it, these former pet peeves hardly irritate the heck out of me now.

It goes on without saying that this post should have been Things That Irritate the Heck Out of Me as of October 16 Until Further Blog Post.

Anyway, to jump start my current Pet Peeve List, here’s the top 5 pet peeves that irritate the heck out of me.





Dried Toothpaste in the Sink. I don’t know if anybody feels the same way but I usually get affronted at the sight of dried white (or blue, red, or green) toothpaste in the sink.  While I was still staying at my former boarding house (during my university days) I usually get this three times a day.  I don’t have a choice but to spill running water on the dried toothpaste (wetting my front shirt, drips all over the floor, freaking out my landlady) in the hope of washing them away.  I know this incident can be quite normal and some people actually hate it when the toothpaste falls off the brush into the sink but those who are guilty could have at least wash them away, you know.

Too Many People.  Okay not really.  ‘Crowded people’ is more like it.

Frustrating situation that I have experienced at the regional BIR (“IRS”) office – the management doesn’t have heart to put up stanchions or barricades to control the frenzied directions of people who come and go in and out of the office.  While I was there I didn’t have any idea where to get my business permit at the time and the security guard wasn’t friendly enough to assist me.  Added to a poor crowd control technique, the office is too cramped for people who have been waiting for their business permits, TIN IDs and other revenue related forms.  As much as possible I don’t want to go back there unless the management has devised a practical way of organizing and dealing with crowd control related problems.

Solving Simple Math Problems. I know this one’s inevitable but you see I really hate freaking out instantly upon coming across with simple math problems in any real time situational feature such as calculating my change, discount price deals, or knowing a crush’s age.  Either I get a mobile phone to help me from such an embarrassing miscalculation or I just have to dispense with the activity, asking someone else instead to do it for me.  That way, I won’t make a mistake again by saying 4 X 4 = 8.


Guy de Maupassant-ish movies and pointless action flicks. Considered to be the father of modern short story Guy de Maupassant is a classic favorite short story writer for high school students who are forced to read his “The Necklace” and getting shocked (some people claimed that they were cheated) at the ending.  So why is Maupassant associated to my pet peeve list? I admit – and I say this as someone who almost put up a Guy de Maupassant Fans Club way back in high school – that this guy’s technique (to shock the hell out of people) wouldn’t have the same effect when that story is read the second or the third time around.  I still go for Anton Chekov’s The Lady with the Little Dog to which Vladimir Nabokov declared to be the best short story ever written.  But I digress.

Anyway when it comes to Guy de Maupassant-ish movies – what I mean are those movies who have surprise endings that, surprisingly, one way or the other, you feel cheated by the director.  I have experienced that feeling many times as if I was an ignorant snot nosed kid to which the director (to his own delight) have surreptitiously taken an unfair advantage to such weakness.  Although some movies have successfully pulled off this technique (to be cathartic, in a sense) movies that cheat you to the deepest pits of frustration never fails to make me feel terrible about myself.

As for pointless action films – these are the types of movies that don’t have clear cut plot structures – people only sit for two hours or more to have an excuse to eat popcorn or see Stallone kick some ass without knowing the flow of the story. (Oops, for my review for The Expendables, exit here.)

Pe0PLe Hu Typ LyK tHisz. I don’t know if you feel the same way but I feel really annoyed to read post or text messages from those Pe0PLe Hu Typ LyK tHisz.  Sometimes associated to the recent underground subculture referred to as the Jejemons, Pe0PLe Hu Typ LyK tHisz have successfully bred in Friendster (to which I suspect to be one of the reasons why the site died a painful, slow and quiet death) with offshoot interrelations on Multiply (which is dying because of the exponential growth of ads) and (by golly!) Facebook (although FB fans need not to worry, Jejebusters and Grammar Nazis are helping Mark Zuckerberg).  Pe0PLe Hu Typ LyK tHisz will forever leave you out of their own linguistic world.  I think this is by far one of the best manifestation of the German linguist Rudi Keller’s theory about language change cause by the “invisible hand” (a nod to Adam Smith, yes); the change primarily geared on the causal consequences of economic change – to which I will write extensively in another blog post some time around.

So that’s my pet peeve list.  Share your own interesting, fascinating or out of this world pet peeves too.

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