Pack Rat

Lately, I’ve been digging into my closet to find some clothes to donate this Christmas season.  I’ve started this routine two years ago when I became active in donating some old stuff to the local church.  I figured out long before that I don’t really use much of my clothes since I don’t go out as frequent as usual.  I simply don’t want them to rot in my closet – they are better off with someone else’s.  So it really came as a surprise to me when I came across with some of my uniform sets since high school – which include my high school uniform ( white blouse / navy blue skirt) and shirts as well as my main CAT uniform.  It’s more than four years old and they simply have to go.

I admit I’m a pack rat for everything – clothes, shoes, books, household things, small electronics and many more.  Even the most minuscule things I can’t seem to give away for the belief that they carry in them unique sentimental values.  So you do have a pretty idea what my room is like.  But I’m trying to work out this attitude.  You see, it’s kind of a hassle to deal with too many things.

When I think about it, I don’t exactly know why I have kept them for so long.  I hate to admit it but being a pack rat is one of my most terrible habit, of which I can’t help myself.  It is true that I have a penchant for things like old high school uniforms because I’ve gone through my whole university life without having to wear one.  At some point, I envy most of my high school classmates who went on to take nursing courses and wearing those nursing scrubs and scrubs tops that I wanted to wear for fashion’s sake.  The bad thing about not having to wear a formal uniform all through out college life is the dilemma of ‘what to wear the next day’.  Which goes on without saying why I have too many clothes to give away mainly because I seemed to have kept them for so long.

I believe that the most appropriate time to donate some clothes and other stuff is just before the year ends.  Or probably before it starts.  It’s like a fresh start.

So it’s time to clean up some stuff now.


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