Dream Car

I have always been fascinated when it comes to cars and car upgrades, even though I don’t know how to drive one myself.  We all have our own notions of what a “dream car” would be like, but mine does not involve going after prerelease hype and buzz that may otherwise leave you disappointed in the end.  I find it rather reassuring to come across with a car type that is more flexible in terms of car customization and prospect car upgrades, even if that means it’s way behind the times.  Then again, if I have to choose the kind of car that I’d like to have, I would go after those stylish ones that do not compromise visibility and accommodations.


Once, I’ve seen a special segment on Discovery Channel about future cars, and since then I’ve been thinking what should be my dream car would be like.  For one thing, I would go for a car with a high fuel economy. We all know this – public concern on looming high gas prices and other energy related problems, companies forging solutions for sustainable energy alternatives, clean and green advocacies and many more.   A fuel efficient car is a top priority one simply because I want to save money, and relatively save the environment in the process.  Other considerations would be excellent crash test results, a working check engine light and a quiet cabin.  The car profile that’s closer to these descriptions is the Ford F-150 which has been freshened up last year with remarkable crash test results, a much more comfortable seat and a very roomy rear seat.


Any car model that can live up to those design requirements will do well.  As long as it’s trouble free (which means you don’t have to come to auto shop every now and then) with low repair rates.  That sounds reliable to me.



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