Congrats New Nurses

The Nursing Licensure Examination results were already posted a week ago and I was extremely happy that more than 25 of my former high school classmates made it through.  I spent a few minutes offering my sincerest congratulations for my classmates through Facebook.  I couldn’t be more excited to see them in their medical uniforms one of these days.


I always love to see nurses in their clean and crisp uniforms.  I’ve seen a few of my classmates wearing their standard nursing scrub pants when I had that chance to have a brief hospital stint last year. Knowing that nurses are those healthcare professionals that go deep and in-touch with the situation than anyone else – administering medicines and sorting out a wide range of clinical and non clinical routines – it would be a shame not to show how much I applaud them.  And now I couldn’t even believe that they are officially licensed as nurses now.


That being said I couldn’t be more excited than seeing my classmates go into their own specific goals to reach the status of the full pledged nurse.  Looking good in their scrub clothes, never will I have to freak out the moment I step my toe inside a hospital.  Even though it has been more than a year since I last saw anyone of them, I know that they will give out their utmost healthcare concern to make me feel better.



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